Troubleshooting iMessage Issues: Some Useful Tips You Should Try

I still prefer WhatsApp, you know.

But then, I’ve had my share of iMessage frustrations and worked around them so there’s a bit of interesting stuff going on there. iMessages is supposed to be fun and simple but in its attempts to be too smart, it goes way over the board and ends up being a painful sort of a feature.

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For most users, it works just fine. You enable it, and then it gets activated and then your Apple ID and your number get listed. You start conversations with fellow iPhone/Mac/iPad/iPod users and it goes fine.

For a handful of others – or may be much more than that – iMessage is just pure mayhem. It doesn’t get activated, doesn’t get delivered, gets sent as an email, you don’t get iMessages (or you get them as emails instead)…

The list of problems is endless. We’ll try to tackle a few of them here.

(Before you jump in, check out the fix for ‘Waiting for activation…’ issue)

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1. iMessage Not Delivered
You send an iMessage to a fellow iPhone user and it doesn’t get delivered at all. (There’s this dreaded red exclamation mark popping up, right?) This can mean:

  • There’s something wrong with your iMessage account
  • You don’t have any data left (remember, iMessage works on Wifi/cellular) and you haven’t enabled Send as SMS
  • There’s some issue at the recipient’s end

The Fix:

  • First off, make sure you’ve got data left in your plan. Checked?
  • Check if you’re sending to a contact with just an email ID or a number. I once had two listings for the same contact: one had both the email and the number and the other had just the number. When I sent an iMessage to the number, it got delivered as a text message.
  • Most of your contacts who are on iMessage are going to have their Apple ID (which is going to be an email ID) listed. Send your iMessages to contacts with email IDs.
  • Enable Send as SMS under Settings -> Messages so that when iMessage fails, the message gets delivered as SMS. Of course, make sure you don’t overshoot your text allocation.
  • If there’s still the red exclamation button, tap and hold on the message. You’ll get an option that says Send as Text Message. Tap this.

Send as Text Message

2. iMessage Sent as Text
You’re trying to send an iMessage but it keeps getting sent as text (green bubble instead of blue bubble). You’ve tried every thing on the FAQs but it just doesn’t work. And of course, iMessage is activated. What do you do?

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  • First thing you try is turn off and then restart iMessage. May be servers are jammed, Cupertino club is down.. you know, that sort of a thing.
  • Turn off Send as SMS and try sending the message to your contact (who, you’re sure, is on iMessage).Send as SMS - Off
  • There’s a big chance that you’ll see that red-exclamation mark or if not, it gets sent as email to your contact. To fix this, you’ll have to go back to square one: make sure there’s data, make sure you’re on a network, make sure your ‘Send & Receive’ is complete and you’ve selected both your number and email.

Info Completed

Alternatively, you can also click on the Apple ID and sign-out so there’s only your number. Try sending iMessage now.

3. iMessage Sent from Email Instead of Number
This takes directly from the last point. You have both your number and email listed under your iMessage account. You have the option of starting conversations from your email ID or from your number.

Most of the time, I’d prefer the number route because in case my friends’ reply isn’t coming through, I’ll get a text message instead of an email if I was using an email ID. But if you’re unable to start conversations with your number, you try this:

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  • Go to Settings -> Messages
  • Tap on Send & Receive
  • Click on the Apple ID on top
  • Sign Out

Sign Out Apple ID

When you sign out, the email number vanishes from the list and there’s only your number now. Whenever you start a conversation on iMessage, it’s your number henceforth.

Disable Apple ID Select Only Number

4. iMessage Not Working at All
There are a ton of things you might want to check out. These include:

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  • Data plan
  • A working network
  • iMessage not activated, perhaps?
  • Issues with Apple ID. Use a newly created one
  • Make sure the recipient is on iMessage and active
Dhvanesh Adhiya
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