Trio Dock: Charge Your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Smartly

Trio universal charging dock will simplify the way you charge your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It also supports other smartphones to help you charge them smartly.

As there is a wide range of electronic gadget available, having one is simply not enough for us. Almost everyone tends to carry more than one gadget all the time. Everything is fine until we run out of battery, and charging them all individually is certainly a pain.

Imagine a desk with an Apple Watch, iPhone, and an iPad charging at the same time. First thing is the cables and second is how messy your desk looks. Trio universal charging dock is here to help in this tangling situation. It will not only help you charge all your devices, but also it will make your desk look much organized. Trio is certainly one of the best iPhone 6/6s docking stations. Read the complete review given below for more details.

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Trio Dock - iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Charging Stand

Trio Dock – iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Charging Stand

Build quality and design

Trio universal charging dock is made from aluminium which makes it durable and light weight. Trio stands for three, and thus, it has three different docks: Smartphone, Tablet and Apple Watch. You can charge all three devices at once without managing individual cables. Apart from that, all docks are magnetic, which makes it possible to rearrange them to utilise minimum space on your desk. You can also use a single dock independently to charge any single device.


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Trio Universal Docking Station for Smartphone and Tablet

Trio supports a wide range of devices. That is possible because it has a lightning port, micro-USB port, and USB-C port. Basically, any device having any of the ports mentioned can be charged using Trio universal dock. Apart from iPad and iPhone, the dock also supports charging Apple Watch and Android devices too. Wait, there’s more to it, you can even charge your smartphone and tablet with most of the cases on.

Color options

Trio universal dock comes in five different colors to match your smart device: Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Rose Gold, and Matte Black. You can choose the one that matches your desk or the device.

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Being a Kickstarter project, there are different pledges with different options. You can visit the campaign page for latest pricing details.

Which all different smart devices you use? And do you use any universal dock to charge them? Share with us in comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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