There are a million standard iPhone 5s cases of every imaginable type: thin, plastic, leather, wallet, bumper, minimal and so on. And there are also a million cases that call themselves trendy. But true designer iPhone 5s cases are hard to spot, harder to decide upon.

Designer cases are definitely trendy but many of them are time-bound. And then there's personal preference that is another variable. But whatever be the case, a trendy iPhone 5s case makes heads turn, gets people curiously interested in your case and can start conversations.

Best iPhone 5s Designer Cases

Here's a collection of five cool, trendy-looking designer iPhone 5s cases you should check out.

#1. iPhone 5s Case by Jonathan Adle

Jonathan Adler iPhone 5s Case

Multiple layers of different, elegant and colorful patterns. Jonathan Adler has a bunch of cool, trendy-looking iPhone cases. The case is about patterns and bright colors. It comes in hardshell, so it's not a case that's just for style. It protects your iPhone 5s well.

As an additional feature, there is a small slot cut into the back of the case so you can keep a card or carry some cash bills tucked inside it. Proper cutouts for the docks, buttons and the camera keep the phone accessible completely.

Price: $28.00
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#2. Glam Sunglasses Case by CaseMate

Glam Sunglasses oPhone 5s Case by CaseMate

CaseMate has a few trendy, designer cases for the iPhone 5s. There's the Brilliance which is a crystal case made of plastic. The Glam Sunglasses is not crystal but it shares some of the look and feel of the Brilliance. The case is simple and minimal even though it's kind of trendy. You have all these different types of sun-shade icons on the case with a lot of glitter.

The case is made of plastic but it's hard, strong and fits perfectly.

Price: $50.00
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#3. ‘odometer' by Kate Spade

odometer iPhone 5s Designer Case

odometer is a genuinely designer case. Whether it's trendy or not is debatable and depends on your personal taste but it's one of those cases that makes heads turn and incite curiosity. With a grey and gold tone and a pixel-perfect design, Kate Spade New York makes a case worthy of notice and awe.

Yes, the case does come with proper cutouts and a form-fitting design that doesn't add bulk.

Price: $40.00
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#4. ‘newspaper' by Kate Spade

newspaper Designer Case for iPhone 5s

newspaper has the retro-look some people absolutely love. From a distance, it's like you stuck a page from the newspaper on the back of your iPhone. At close quarters, the case reflects its retro, designer look.

The case features similar cutouts to the “odometer” case listed above. It has a thin profile and fits your iPhone 5s perfectly, while keep the buttons and the TouchID completely accessible.

Price: $40.00
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#5. Smoke ‘Em If You Got 'em by Dr. Lukas Brezak

Smoke Em iPhone 5s Case

Society6's iPhone 5s cases are hard shell cases. Individual designers let their work be custom-fit onto a variety of things, including the iPhone 5s. The Smoke 'em If You Got 'em case by Dr Lukas Brezak is one of the coolest skins you can get for your iPhone. It reeks swag but in a good way; in the right way to look and feel cool.

Besides that, this one is a thin case coupled with a silicone interior that lends base for the iPhone to fit into.

Price: $35.00
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