If you’re switching over from an old iPhone to the new iPhone 5, you’ll probably need to move all your photos too. With iCloud, things are quite easy but then, that’s not the only way.

There are about three ways you can transfer the photos from your old iPhone to the new one. A couple of these are cloud-based solutions – the safe way – and the other is a simpler, older method that you’ll be quite familiar with.

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Transfer Photos from Old iPhone to iPhone 5

1. iCloud

Thanks to the iCloud phenomena, most people sync their data to their iCloud accounts and that makes it very easy to have access to all that data, all the time. And that’s pretty much how most users would have transferred data from their old iPhone to the new one, the iPhone 5.

To do this:

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  • First, sync all data from your old iPhone to iCloud
  • Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> Backup Now
  • When you setup the new iPhone 5, use the same email you use for your iCloud while setting up (use Restore from iCloud Backup)
  • All data gets synced automatically, and this includes the photos too. This will take a lot of time depending on the amount of data.

We’ll also take a look at other ways in which you can transfer your photos. These methods can be handy when you can’t use iCloud for the data transfer (or when you’ve used up your iCloud limits).

2. iTunes

iTunes still is the best backup utility for your iPhone. Sure, with iCloud, most users have experienced the cloud-phenomena but there is nothing as solid as a good old local backup and sync.

You can use iTunes to backup your old iPhone’s data – including photos – and then sync it with the new device to get them all back on your new iPhone. To do this:

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  • Connect your iPhone and open iTunes
  • From the sidebar, choose the old iPhone under the Devices tab
  • Select Photos and sync
  • Now, disconnect the old iPhone and connect your iPhone 5
  • Select the device again and sync with the options
  • All those old photos that synced with your local folders should be on your iPhone 5 now

3. Dropbox / Sugarsync

Dropbox (or Sugarsync for that matter) works in the same way iCloud does. It’s a cloud storage. My guess is that Dropbox/Box.net/Sugarsync will be useful when you run out of space on iCloud.

Dropbox, Box.net and Sugarsync come with apps that are free. All you do is:

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  • Create an account with Dropbox/Box.net or Sugarsync
  • Sync photos to your account through the app (from your old iPhone)
  • Download and install the app on your new iPhone (or just set it up for iCloud and the app will be installed automatically)
  • Sync photos to your account through the app on your new iPhone 5

Image Credit: OSXDaily