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Track My Mac for iPhone

With exclusive design and several attractive features developed to enhance user-experience with aplomb, Macs are widely believed as the best computers. After ignoring Apple’s computer for years due only to its comparatively high price, I couldn’t help buying a Mac as the desire to work on OS X completely charmed me.

Being highly expensive as well as ultra-modern, my Mac easily captivates people or who-so-ever visits my office. Knowing how significant it is to provide ultimate security to your device in the wake of the rampant cyber crime, I’m always worried about safeguarding my computer from theft. Is there a smart way to not only capture a thief red handed while stealing my device but also offer the much-needed proof about the exact location of my computer?

Track My Mac for iPhoneTrack My Mac for iPhone

Fortunately, I came across an iOS app called “Track My Mac” which has been primed to let you not just keep an eye on your device but also capture the photo of the thief. With pretty easy-to-use functionality and the advanced technology to help you bring back your lost or stolen Mac, it’s exactly what you’d want to give the much-required protection to your computer.

Significant Features That Make ‘Track My Mac’ Highly User-Friendly

Track My Mac Significant FeaturesAnti-Theft: With the help of the in-built anti-theft feature, you will be able to report your Mac as stolen. Moreover, you can track your device using iPhone as soon as it goes missing.

Get iSight Photo of the Thief: You will be able to get an iSight photo of the thief with the location details. The evidence-based report will go a long way in bringing back your stolen device.

Remote Screen Locker: With the use of the internet, you can remotely lock or unlock your computer. It’s a very handy feature as it allows you to control your device even when you are far away.

Spy Lock: Whenever anyone enters wrong user account password on your Mac’s locked screen, you will get the evidence of unauthorized access in the form of the snapshot of the person.

Track as many Macs as You Want: This iOS app allows you to track as may Macs as you wish. There is no restriction at all.

Location Tracker: It enables you to see the up-to-date location of your device. No matter where your computer may be, you will get to find out its latest location.

How Does It Work?

This app works elegantly. With excellent user-interface, it makes your task of not just keeping a close look on your Mac but also gather the full-proof evidence.

Once you have activated Location Tracker on your Mac, you will see the latest location in the app. The moment a thief connects your device to the internet, you’ll get an anti-theft location report along with his iSight photo right on your iPhone.

Likewise, if anyone enters the incorrect password on your device when its screen is locked, you will get Lockscreen location report along with his iSight photo on your iOS device.

How to Get Started with It?

Step #1. First off install Track My Mac on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, you need to install MacKeeper ($14.95 for basic one month) on your Mac. Then, connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step #3. Head over to the anti-theft tab and then click on Install Anti-Theft.

Step #4. You have to authorize Track My Mac using login and passwords.

Step #5. Finally, turn on Location Tracker and set up Lock Screen.

That’s all there is to it! Now, relax and let your Mac enjoy the much-deserved security.

Bottom Line

In terms of usability, Track My Mac is quite handy and so is the much improved MacKeeper. For someone who is looking to protect his Mac through lateral technologies, I have personally found it good enough to live up to my expectation. It deserves to be given an instant try to make you believe what it’s capable of.

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