This is probably one of the best implementations of TouchID. So far, most of the tweaks developed for TouchID involves security (BioProtect, BioLockDown). Touchy is an upcoming tweak that targets something totally different: app shortcut.

What if you could just place a finger on the home button and open a specific app on your iPhone 5s? That is precisely what drives Touchy. It maps up to five fingerprints to five different apps so that when you place a finger on the TouchID home button, the corresponding app opens automatically.

Touchy is as much a fancy tweak as it’s functional. App shortcuts mapped to fingerprints is an “Activator-ish” idea because you can do the same with Activators but there’s a glaring point of difference. Touchy does not activate the app shortcut when you are pressing the home button. Activator, on the other hand, registers the fingerprint and triggers the action even though your intention was to just press the home button.

Touchy Cydia Tweak Use Fingerprint As Shortcut to Open Apps iPhone 5s

Touchy lets you map upto five fingerprints although I’m hoping that the dev would add support for more fingerprints. But having said that, I realize that it’s not really a good thing to have a lot of app shortcuts. Five sounds an optimal number. Most of us can remember only five app shortcuts mapped to five fingerprints on our hands.

There are no security parts in Touchy. You can either enable the feature or disable it.

Adding TouchID fingerprints to the list is easy (you have to add it in TouchID General settings) although you have to respring Touchy after you add fingerprints in Settings → General → TouchID & Passcode. But if you have your fingerprints listed already, it’s a breeze to get started. Just tap on the fingerprint and assign an app to it. To configure the fingerprints, you have to travel all the way back to General → TouchID & Passcode and add/remove fingerprints and then respring the device.

You don’t have to press the home button to activate Touchy. Just place your finger on the TouchID home button and after a brief while, Touchy will open the app directly.

Touchy will be launched on Cydia’s BigBoss repo in a few days. The tweak will cost $2.99 (introductory offer: $1.99).