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Like million other iPhone users, I was equally excited to download iOS 8.3 on my iPhone 6. After the successful download, I came to know that I was not able to download or purchase an app from the App Store as my touch ID got unauthorized on my iPhone 6. Thankfully, I was not the only person on this earth to face this problem. When I logged on community portals, I saw many dejected souls, who had similar problem of Touch ID not working on iOS 8.3.

Based on my past experience with other iPhones, I made some attempts to make it working. But all in vain. Then we at iGeeksBlog started looking for the fix for this weird issue and found a possible solution. follow the below-mentioned simple steps to fix the issue of touch ID not working on iOS 8.3. Check the results and share with us. Touch ID Not Working in iOS 8.3 on iPhoneTouch ID not working on iOS 8.3 for iTunes and App Store Purchases

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Step #1. Open Settings on iPhone or iPad → Scroll down and tap on Touch ID.Touch ID and Passcode Settings in iPhone 6Step #2. Type Passcode → Toggle off iTunes & App Store → Go back to Home screen.Turn Off Touch ID for iTunes and App Store on iPhone 6Step #3. Restart iPhone/iPad.How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 PlusStep #4. Type in your Passcode or Password to unlock screen.

Step #5. Open Settings on iPhone/iPad.

Step #6. Tap on Touch ID & Enter Passcode.Touch ID and Passcode Settings in iPhone 6Step #7. Toggle on iTunes & App Store.

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Turn on Touch ID for iTunes and App Store on iPhoneHurray!!! After following the above steps, I could easily download and buy apps from App Store on my iPhone 6. You can also follow these simple steps if you have encountered this problem. By the way, this problem has occurred to many Apple products, which include iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.

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