Many users after upgrading their devices to latest iOS 9.1, have bombarded Apple forums with complaining that their Touch ID is not working. As per the complaints about Apple forums, users were able to use their Touch ID flawlessly before updating their device to iOS 9.1

It was expected that some or the other bug would annoy users after upgrading to latest iOS. Every new update has always had some or the other issues that bother iDevice users.

Touch ID Not Working After Upgrading to iOS 9.1

Touch ID Not Working in iOS 9.1 for Some Users After Upgrading

Most of the people have tried basic troubleshooting like restarting their device, making a restore using iTunes and force restart; but none of them seems to be working as a permanent fix.

Basic troubleshooting is solving the issue, but temporarily. Here’s what one of the user has to say, “This has since developed into a bigger problem, I was advised by AppleCare chat to restore via iTunes as it completely replaces the software. This was not successful and has now resulted in leaving me with the initial ‘connect to iTunes’…….”

The strange fact is that Apple has neither commented on what is causing this issue nor how this issue can be resolved. We along with other users are waiting for a reply from Apple on how to resolve this every annoying issue.

Out of all this, there’s some good news, and that is not many users are facing this issue. There are just a bunch of people complaining about it.

Apple releases a public beta version before making a final public release; it is strange how such bugs or issues get through Apple’s keen eye.

Are you facing Touch ID issue after upgrading to iOS 9.1? Were you able to resolve it? Do share your feedback with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


    This is scary stuff. I sure hope they get this worked out so it doesn’t disable someone’s communications capabilities. If I couldn’t get into my phone…. I’d be furious.