If you're looking for solutions to iPhone problems and iOS issues, the first place you turn to should be iPhone forums. Since someone in some part of the world has the same problem that you have – most likely – you are going to find solutions here more often than elsewhere.

While Apple's Support forums are a good place to start – and in fact, most-recommended too – there are other places to check out too.

Best iPhone Forums
Best iPhone Forums

#1. iMore's iPhone Forum
The community over at iMore is an awesome, active and helpful one. The forum has a ton of sections ranging from iOS to iPhone to General discussion. The iMore forums have a lot of troubleshooting help from users and the iMore staff.

Visit: iMore Forum

#2. MacRumors's iPhone Forum
MacRumors is one of the other active forums on the planet that have a lot of tips, troubleshooting help and  other discussions about all things Apple. Their iPhone/iDevice forum has a lot of answers for common issues that you run up when you use iOS 7.

Log on to: MacRumors Forum

#3. Everything iCafe iPhone Forum
One more active, interesting and helpful forums for iPhone users: the Everything iCafe forum. Although it's not the first place you'd turn to for iPhone help and troubleshooting, the forums can lead you to discover great new apps, accessories and new things about iPhone.

Go to: Everything iCafe Forum

#4. Reddit's iOS Subreddit:
Reddit has a dynamic and active subreddit community over at /r/iOS and /r/iOS8. While general things about Mac, iDevices and iOS get discussed on the /r/Apple subreddit, the iOS subreddits are filled with more specific stuff about the operating system that runs these devices. And great place to find new apps, new features and the little details that we often miss at first glance.

Visit: iOS Subreddit

#5. iPhonehacks Forums
Although not quite as active or populous as a few others on this list, iPhonehacks has a good forum to check out and to post your iPhone/iOS questions on. The community over here is quite good and you mostly get quick answers. The discussions generally tend to lean towards jailbreak and Cydia-related stuff but nevertheless, a great place to be.

Check out: iPhonehacks Forum

#6. iLounge iPhone forums
The iLounge forum is almost similar to Apple's Support forum: it's full of users talking about iOS or iPhone problems so you'll mostly find a solution or two for any kind of an iPhone problem you have. iLounge's posts don't show up on the forums (like, say, 9To5Forums or CultofMac) but that's clutter-free in a way. You should bookmark the iLounge forum if you tinker with your iPhone a lot.

Go To: iLounge forum

#7. CNET's iPhone/iPad Forum
One more forum where fellow iPhone users from all across the world ask questions about iPhone issues and iOS problems. It's a good supportive community here with a lot of expert users helping you troubleshoot problems on the iPhone or on iOS.

Visit: CNET Forum

#8. ModMyi Forums
Modmyi is a repo for Cydia tweaks. The hottest discussions on that forum is mostly on modding and jailbreak tweaks but you'll also find people asking and answering questions on iPhone problems. The forum is more geared towards jailbreak tweaks and mods.

Log on to: Modmyi Forum

#9. iFans
iFans is an exciting place to be. It's like Reddit: active, interesting and you're going to discover new stuff every day. While there's also posts talking about iPhone troubleshooting and general iOS 7 issues, you might find the forum enormously helpful if you've jailbroken your iPhone.

Go To: iFans Forum

#10. Reddit's iPhone Subreddit
No place like Reddit's /r/iPhone. Actually there are a lot of subreddits out there for iOS, iPad and Apple. One thing about Reddit is that you'll have to filter through a lot of other news and interesting stuff to find troubleshooting tips. But if you post on Reddit, you're most lkely to get an answer almost instantly.

Visit: Reddit

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