Best iPhone Apps to Make Your Life Easier in 2021

best iphone apps

Don’t get bewildered by the army of new apps every week. There are lots of great apps amongst the multitude, as most iPhone/iPad users will tell you. The great apps are the ones that do exactly what they say they will and make your daily schedule a lot easier. Whether you need time management, killer contact information or being in touch with your whole team of collaborators without any file sharing glitches the best apps will turn your day around. With just a little setup time you should be just pointing your apps in the right direction and let them get on with the tasks they have been designed to do.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Google Drive is a well-known file storage and synchronization service. You can access all of your saved files from anywhere. It also lets you invite your colleagues or anyone to edit, view and even comment on your files.

Instantly access your recent files and also set sharing permissions to view and edit. Keep a tab on file details and activity. What’s more, there is also an option to view files even when you are offline.

Price: Free

2. Google Maps

Google Maps iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Google Maps is by far the most trusted and feature-rich navigation app. What sets it apart from the rest is the unmatched accuracy and real-time data.

Use timely ETAs and traffic conditions to avoid being stuck in traffic. Thanks to real-time re-routing based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures, you will be able to save plenty of your time. Make the best use of accurate traffic information to catch a bus or train.

You can use offline maps to search and navigate without an Internet connection. Using Street View and indoor imagery, you will take a glimpse of famous places. Boasting reliable maps in 220 countries and territories, transit schedules, and maps for over 15,000 cities and detailed business information on more than 100 million places, Google Maps has to be your must-have app for navigation.

Price: Free

3. Uber

Uber iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Uber is the most popular ridesharing app and allows you to book ride with ease. It quotes a price based on your current location and the selected destination. Once you are happy, a quick tap will get a cab rushing to you and ready to whisk you off to wherever you’re going.

The ridesharing app is currently available in more than 500 cities worldwide. You can pay the bill by cash, credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.

Price: Free

4. Calm

Calm Meditation iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Time to take control of your hectic life! With Calm, you can get rid of stress and anxiety. The app provides guided meditations, sleep stories and breathing programs that can be enormously helpful.

There is also relaxing music to let you de-stress with ease. The meditation app is ideal for beginners. However, both intermediate and experts will find it extremely helpful. Guided meditation sessions come in various lengths like 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes to let you select the suitable program for your schedule.

Price: Free

5. Flipboard

Flipboard iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Flipboard is what you should pick to quickly catch up with the sort of articles you like reading. The news app allows you to create Smart Magazines to ensure everything you want to read is in one place. Based on your preference, it also recommends you articles.

The app lets you read stories from famous sources like CNN, The Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The New York Times and more. Better still, you can also join the ever-growing community to engage with other like-minded people.

Price: Free

6. Find My Family

Life360 iPhone App Screenshot

You would love to have an app like “Find My Family” to share your location with your friends and loved ones quickly. The app makes it a lot easier to coordinate with your family and friends. It allows you to view the real-time location of your friend on a private map.

The app notifies you when your friend comes and goes from home, work and school. It can also alert you when your family completes a ride. Besides, it lets you share photos and send messages to your loved one. With the use of crash detection service, you can protect your friends while they are driving. Furthermore, Find My Family allows you to find your lost or stolen phone as well.

Price: Free

7. CamCard

CamCard iPhone App Screenshot

Exchange electronic business cards securely with one of the best business cards apps out there. Your iPhone becomes a powerful card scanner with the use of this app, so use it at your next meeting and forget about the obsolete hardware no longer needed. You can go paperless to seminars, tradeshows, and other business social occasions.

CamCard can currently recognize 17 different languages such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, and Russian.

Price: Free

8. Spark

Spark by Readdle iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you wish to manage your emails more smartly, go for Spark. The app takes away all the stress from mail management. You can glance through your inbox fast and quickly find out the most important messages and avoid the ones that are not important to you.

With the use of natural language, you can quickly search your emails. It automatically finds out most used signatures so that you can easily choose the right option while composing an email. You can integrate the app with several services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Readability, Pocket, Evernote, and OneNote to quickly attach files from them.

Price: Free

9. Dropbox

Dropbox iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Dropbox is probably the most popular file hosting service. It’s everything you’d want not only to keep all of your important documents organized but also easily access them from anywhere. What makes this app a must-have pick is the ability to support almost all the major platforms like iOS, macOS, Windows, etc.

It’s lashed with a number of user-friendly features like doc scanner, shared folders, etc. The app also allows you to access your files offline. Even better, it makes collaborating with others super simple.

Price: Free

10. AroundMe

AroundMe iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This app is designed to give you all the local info you need whenever you are in an unfamiliar location. A few quick taps on your iPhone will have you checking listings of nearby hospitals, car parks, pubs, public buildings, and convenient stores and services, so you never feel like you’re out in the wilderness. Just remember to tap “Yes” when the app politely asks to use your location information.

Price: Free

11. Money Tracker: Expense Manager

Money Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If keeping a track on various important things like expenses has been a bit tough task, you should give Money Tracker a chance to sort out the mess. Using Lumen Trails, you can track your workouts, food, calories, weight spending or even your sleep. As it has 100s of categories, you will be able to monitor almost anything that matters to you easily.

The app can back up your data to Google Drive and also sync with iCloud to let you access it from your device. Besides, it supports VoiceOver (A very helpful feature designed for the folks who have visual impairment) in 8 languages.

Price: Free

12. Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me iPhone App Screenshot

UnrollMe untangles the nasty mess you sometimes get into when subscribing to too many newsletters and the like. This way you get to hang onto the updates you are waiting for while the app sorts out all the clutter and gives you the latest news in a more organized form. You will have a cleaner inbox on your iPhone and an easier way to manage your subscriptions and never lose that awaited newsletter.

Price: Free

That’s it!

Signing off:

So, these are my top iPhone apps to make life better. I hope you liked having a look at them.

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