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Don't get bewildered by the army of new apps every week. There are lots of great apps amongst the multitude, as most iPhone/iPad users will tell you. The great apps are the ones that do exactly what they say they will and make your daily schedule a lot easier.

Whether you need time management, killer contact information or being in touch with your whole team of collaborators without any file sharing glitches the best apps will turn your day around. With just a little setup time you should be just pointing your apps in the right direction and let them get on with the tasks they have been designed to do.

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Best iPhone Apps to Make Life Easier

Let's get straight on with ten of the best iPhone apps currently available that will make your life easier.

10 Best iPhone Apps to Make Your Life Easier

#1. CamCard

CamCard iPhone App IconExchange electronic business cards securely with one of the best business cards apps out there. Your iPhone becomes a powerful card scanner with the use of this app, so use it at your next meeting and forget about the obsolete hardware no longer needed. You can go paperless to seminars, tradeshows, and other business social occasions. CamCard can currently recognize 16 different languages.

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Price: Free
Download CamCard

#2. TurboScan

TurboScan Pro iPhone App Icon

TurboScan gives your iPhone the ability to scan just about anything. Documents, notes, receipts, whiteboards, photos and any paper text. TurboScan has an automatic detection capability for document edges, so cropping becomes easy. The scanning functionality is lightening fast and easy to grasp.

Price: $4.99
Download TurboScan

#3. Google Drive

Google Drive iPhone App Icon

Google Drive is a well-known file-sharing facility featuring a host of office-based tools to make file and photo sharing prepared for editing and collaboration, without having to leave the cloud site even with recent file changes.

Price: Free
Download Google Drive

#4. Dropbox

Dropbox iPhone App Icon

Dropbox is equally famous as a preferred cloud storage device. But many users don't make full use of the business-level platform of Dropbox. There are additional features for file and photo sharing which can help a company utilize its potential.

Price: Free
Download Dropbox

#5. Google Maps

Google Maps iPhone App Icon

Staying with the Google theme, Google Maps also has underused professional tools for searching retail outlets and businesses and not just restaurants. Favorite destinations can receive automatic updates and distance units, and different languages you can access along with voice search. It is time to put Google Maps on your iPhone to better use.

Price: Free
Download Google Maps

#6. Family Locator

Family Locator iPhone App Icon

This app not only acts as a family member locator but can also be used for emergency messages in times of trouble. Family Locator on iPhone also aims to reach out during those panic moments when other communication systems go down so that the important people you need to hear from you can do. Family members can still send messages to each other and send instant notifications via text, voice and email and emergency contacts also get notified. This lifeline app protects the valuable information securely on their servers.

Price: Free
Download Life360

#7. Uber

Uber iPhone App Icon

The Uber app makes calling for a cab super-easy. Uber will even quote a price for you based on your current location and desired destination. Once you are happy, a quick tap will get a cab rushing to you and ready to whisk you off to wherever you're going. Your fare should be very close to the estimate you got before entering your cab which means no nasty surprises. Download the app on your iPhone.

Price: Free
Download Uber

#8. AroundMe

AroundMe iPhone App Icon

This app is designed to give you all the local info you need whenever you are in an unfamiliar location. A few quick taps on your iPhone will have you checking listings of nearby hospitals, car parks, pubs, public buildings and convenient stores and services, so you never feel like you're out in the wilderness. Just remember to tap “Yes” when the app politely asks to use your location information.

Price: Free
Download AroundMe

#9. Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me iPhone App Icon

UnrollMe untangles the nasty mess you sometimes get into when subscribing to too many newsletters and the like. This way you get to hang onto the updates you are waiting for while the app sorts out all the clutter and gives you the latest news in a more organized form. You will have a cleaner inbox in your iPhone and an easier way to manage your subscriptions and never lose that awaited newsletter.

Price: Free
Download Unroll.Me

#10. Flipboard

Flipboard iPhone App Icon

Flipboard is a useful app for turning your iPhone into your personal magazine maker. Use all your “shares” from the Facebook newsfeed, Tweets, Instagram pics, and Google+ Circle and receive them all in one neat place revolving around your creativity. You can browse, comment, news share and allow for the updates that matter to you most.

Price: Free
Download Flipboard



Calm iPhone App Icon

Calm does what it says on the box. Choose from 2 to 20 minutes a let a calming voice talk you through your relaxation session. You get to choose a “guide” for each session of relaxation to help improve memory, concentration and productivity. You will soon be closing eyes and relaxing shoulders as the birds and ocean waves take you to a new place.

Price: Free
Download Calm

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