Okay, folks, we all download a ton of Cydia tweaks to make our iPhones and iPads better, smarter and faster. Have you ever wondered who makes these tweaks? Some of you probably are familiar with people like Ryan Petrich, iHaz3 but there are so many others.

Here's a compilation of all the awesome tweak developers we follow; developers who make amazing and beautiful Cydia tweaks for the iPhone and iPad.

1. Jack Willis
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/J_W97
Notable Tweaks: Auxo, FlagPaint.
About: A 15-year old developer, the lead guy behind Auxo (along with @Sentry_NC and @JamieD360). Auxo is one of the most awesome and naturally, popular, themes / mods for the iPhone that totally changes the multi-task bar in it.

Top Cydia Developers

2. JamieD360 (NCSettings)
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/JamieD360
Notable Tweaks: NCSettings
About: JamieD360 is a household name in the world of Cydia jailbreak tweaks. He's the author of the insanely popular NCSettings tweak: one of my personal favorites. The

3. Raviraj
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/rv1raj
Notable Tweaks: Torch, TorchNC, Kamera, Compose, Instasnap etc.
About: We've interviewed Raviraj here at iGeeksBlog and needless to say, he's one of those guys who triggered the “Tap to” widget/shortcut phenomena recently. He's got plenty of similar tweaks up his sleeve: all aimed at providing a quick way to do a lot of stuff on the iPhone.

4. Ryan Petrich
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/rpetrich
Notable Tweaks: Activator, DisplayRecorder, FullForce, BrowserChooser
About: Ryan doesn't need an introduction. If you've used Activator and then came upon BrowserChooser after Chrome for iOS was released, you know this guy does ground-breaking things. He was also the guy behind Tweak Week. [http://tweakweek.com/]

5. Saurik (Jay Freeman)
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/saurik
Notable Tweaks: Winterboard, Veency, Cyntact, Cydialer
About: The father of the jailbreak app store, Cydia, has also developed some pretty nifty tweaks (and continues to do so, occasionally). Winterboard, for one, is a must-have theming app for your iPhone/iPad. You'd probably miss his Substrate Safe Mode but that thing saves us everyday.

6. Chpwn (Grant Paul)
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/chpwn
Notable Tweaks: Zephyr, InfiniDock, InfiniFolders
About: A lead jailbreak developer, Chpwn has been at the forefront of jailbreaking and tweak development (although not so much now as in the past). Zephyr and InfiniDock are just two of the amazing tweaks he has developed. Zephyr is a must-have even today.

7. Dustin Howett
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/DHowett
Notable Tweaks: Safari Download Manager, Autolock SBSettings, SDM SBSettings, CyDelete
About: When you talk about Apple copying the functionality or idea of a particular feature from jailbreak tweaks, I'm reminded of Dustin. His Safari Download Manager was a breakthrough in bringing the Safari experience to Mobile Safari.

8. Thientam Bach (Surenix)
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/Surenix
Notable Tweaks: Ayecon
About: Surenix is the guy behind Ayecon, the most-popular theme for the iPhone/iPad today. It has not only won rave reviews but is also notable for the amazing attention to detail in the icons. Surenix also designs icons and other graphics for developers like Jamie, Jay Freeman, Grant Paul etc.

9. Aaron Ash (barrel)
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/aaronash
Notable Tweaks: Barrel, Multifl0w, KeypadTransparency
About: If you've seen/used Barrel, you've got to thank this guy. Barrel is consistently one of the best springboard theming tweak ever with an ever-growing list of fans. The tweak is one of the best-sellers on Cydia.

10. iHaz3 (Daniel)
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/ihaz3
Notable Tweaks: An entire suite of iHaz3 theme mods.
About: iHaz3 and iBitGirl (his wife) have created a huge repository of iPhone and iPad themes. Their expertise in designing and theming for the iDevice is so popular that they even created a way to make your own themes.