Toast iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Cover Review

Made of real veneers, Toast iPhone SE 2020 wooden cover sports premium look and feel. We have covered all the minor details of the case in this review.
Toast iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Cover

A beautifully carved wooden case always has a special place in my collection of a variety of covers. The natural wooden casing coupled with the much-improved gripping makes it a good-looking match. That’s probably the reason why the Toast iPhone SE 2020 wooden case has appealed to my taste with its pretty compact design. But what else has it got in store? Let’s find the answer together!

Toast iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Cover

Real Wood Veneers

Toast Wooden Case for iPhone

Aside from the good-looking design, the other notable feature that I make sure to check out in a cover is the construction. It’s because a durable structure plays a vital role in not just making a cover long-lasting companion but also offering the needed protection from drops and scratches.

Made of real wood veneers (refers to thin slices of wood), the Toast wooden cover for iPhone SE 2020 features a durable yet sleek profile. The presence of the front lip ensures that the 4.7-inch screen remains lifted off a flat surface. And with the rear beveled edge ready to do the needful, random scratches will stay away from the single rear camera.

So, you can count on this wooden cover to keep the elegance of your iPhone intact while also ensuring there is enough safeguard against shock.

Smooth Finish for Better Grip

ToastMade iPhone SE 2020 Wooden Case

Toast wooden cover sports precise hand finish with a real wood texture that ensures the device fits comfortably in your palm.

If you have butterfingers or for that matter often find your iPhone slipping out of your palm, you would really appreciate the grain patterns that offer tactile feedback in hands.

Form-fitting Design with Precise Cutouts

Cutouts of Toast Wooden iPhone Wooden Case

No matter how impressive the design may look, if the case doesn’t have a snug-fit structure, it won’t make a fine pair. Even in this aspect, Toast seems up to the task.

The precise cutouts allow comfortable access to the single rear camera, Lightning port, mute switch, and speaker grills. Besides, they also play a key role in giving the cover a form-fitting appearance.

Various Material and Customization Options

Toast covers are available in six different variations like eco-ebony, eco-zebrawood, lyptus, walnut, eco-rosewood, and maple. There are 10 pre-defined design options are available. If that was not enough, the company allows you to have your own design and text on the cover.

Beauty without Bulk, Just Stick and Go

Unlike other wooden cases, this one does not add any bulk to your iPhone. Just peel and stick it on your Phone. The detailed instructions included in the package. Removal of the cover is equally hassle-free and it won’t leave any sticky residue.

Reasonable Price for a Premium Wooden Cover

At $39, the Toast wooden cover may seem a bit expensive as compared to other wooden cases. But when you look at its specs and the elegant profile, you may find the price-tag reasonable.

Buy it from ToastMade

Verdict: Hand Finish With Real Wood Texture Makes All the Difference

Reviewing a well-made case like Toast is quite straightforward. The wooden suit has got the quality to check off most essential boxes including compact form-factor and secure gripping. Even in terms of pricing, the company has got it right. Long story short, if a high-quality wooden cover is what you are after, you would be hard-pressed to find a more elegant alternative than Toast.

Anyway, what’s your take on this wooden cover? Would you like to give it a chance? Feel free to share your two cents in the comments below.

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