15 Tips to Get the Most Out of Apple Podcasts App on iPhone and iPad

Have more control over your podcasts time? Make the most of these super handy tips and tricks for Apple Podcasts app to transform your user-experience!

I like catching up with some of my favorite podcasts in free times. Though episodes related to all-things-Apple are my favorite, I also enjoy listening to some motivational ones. It’s this penchant that has compelled me to compile a long list of tips for Apple’s Podcasts app.

So, if you are on the same page as me, you would like to make the most of these neat tricks. From letting you fine-tune the podcasts to play at your own pace to customize the settings, they have you fully rounded up. Ditto, you would want to have at your disposal to get more control!

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15 Pro Tips and Tricks to Use Apple’s Podcasts App on iPhone or iPad

Tip #1. Queue Podcasts Episodes from Multiple Shows

Did you know that you could queue episodes from several shows? It’s the one trick that I often use to bring a bit of spice into the listening. And, I’m sure you will find it spot on as well.

Step #1. Open Podcasts app and play an episode. Then, find the episode you wish to listen to next.

Open Podcasts App and Find the episode to listen to next

Step #2. Now, you need to 3D Touch on the name of the episode and select Play Next.

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3D Touch on name of Episode and select Play Next in Podcasts App

To add more episodes to your Up Next queue. Repeat this same step but select Play Later instead of Play Next.

Tip #2. Set Sleep Timer in Podcasts App

When I fail to catch up with some great episodes during the day, I listen to them before hitting the sack. That’s when I use sleep timer to automatically turn off the podcast after the pre-defined time. When you are listening to an episode, swipe up and tap on Sleep Timer. Then, select when you want it to stop.

Set Sleep Timer in Podcasts App

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Tip #3. Check Out Description Of The Podcasts Episode

On a few occasions, I prefer to check out the description of an episode. It offers me a better insight into what it has to offer.

Simply swipe up on the Now Playing screen and tap on Show next to Episode Notes. Once you read the info, tap on “Hide” to return to the main screen.

Check Out Description Of The Podcasts Episode

Tip #4. Jump Back or Forward Up to 60 Seconds

There are times when you may want to skip some portions of an episode if you find them a bit boring or repetitive. Similarly, if you fail to understand some points, you may want to go back and listen to them again. The Podcasts app lets you jump back and forth 15 seconds with ease.

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On the Now Playing screen, tap on the back arrow to go back 15 seconds and tap on the forward arrow to jump ahead.

Podcasts App lets you Jump Back and Forth 15 Seconds

Note: iOS lets you go back/forth up to 60 seconds. So, if you want to have more flexibility, go to Settings → Podcasts → Skip Buttons sections.

Go to Podcasts Skip Buttons sections Settings on iPhone

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Then choose the preferred option for both Forward and Back.

Choose Preferred Podcasts option for both Forward and Back

Tip #5. Change the Playback Speed 

There are some episodes, which you might find a tad fast, while some might appear to be slightly lagging in speed. You can adjust the playback speed to listen to them a bit more comfortably.

While you are on the Now Playing screen, tap on 1X to change the playback speed. You have the option to change your playback speed to 1 1/2x (a bit faster), 2x (fast) or 1/2x (a bit slower), or back to 1x which is the default speed.

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Change the Playback Speed in Podcasts App

Tip #6. Stream Your Favorite Podcasts Episode to Other Device

Let’s say, you are listening to a cool episode and suddenly wish to stream it on your other device for more fun. That’s when AirPlay can come in handy.

When you are listening to an episode, go to Now Playing screen. Next, tap on AirPlay button and then select the device you wish to stream the episode too.

Stream Your Favorite Podcasts Episode to Other Device via AirPlay

Tip #7. Download Podcasts Episodes to Listen to Offline

Don’t want poor Internet connection to mar your experience? You can download episodes to listen to them offline.

Launch Podcasts app on your iOS device → tap on Library at the bottom of the screen → select the show which episode you wish to download. Then, hit the download button to the right of the episode’s name.

Download Podcasts Episodes to Listen to Offline

iOS lets you download episodes even on cellular data as well. However, the maximum download size is 100 MB per episode. To do so, open Settings app on your iOS device → Podcasts → turn off the switch next to “Only Download on Wi-Fi.”

Turn Off the Switch Next to Only Download on Wi-Fi in Podcasts App Settings

Tip #8. Unsubscribe from Podcasts

No longer enjoy a podcast? You can easily unsubscribe from it to stop listening to it.

To do so, launch Podcasts app and select Library. Then, locate the show and tap on it to go to the information page. Next, tap on the more button and select Unsubscribe in the menu.

Unsubscribe from Podcasts in iOS Podcasts App

Tip #9. Delete Episodes

By default, iOS automatically deletes the episodes 24 hours after they have been played. However, you can choose to keep them as long as you want or manually remove them.

Step #1. Open Podcasts app and tap on Library tab at the bottom.

Open Podcasts app and tap on Library tab

Step #2. Select the show.

Select the show in Podcasts App

Step #3. Now, swipe left from right and tap on Delete button.

Swipe left from right and tap on Delete to Remove Podcasts Episode

To delete all episodes from your Library, tap on the menu button and select “Delete from Library.”

Delete Podcasts from Library in iOS Podcasts App

Tip #10. Use Podcasts Chapters

All the available Chapters in the Podcast list

With iOS 12, you can use Podcasts Chapters to jump to a specific portion of an episode quickly. It makes pretty straightforward to navigate through all the chapters that are available in an episode. To find out more about it, jump over here.

Tip #11. Set Refresh Rate for Podcasts

Depending on your needs, you can set the refresh rate for your podcasts. For instance, you have the option to update them on an hourly, day and even weekly basis.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device → PodcastsRefresh Every.

Go to Refresh Every Option in Podcasts App Settings

Step #2. Now, select the preferred frequency.

  • 1 Hour
  • 6 Hours
  • Day
  • Week
  • Manually

Set Refresh Rate for Podcasts

Tip #12. Sync Podcasts Across Devices

Won’t it be great if you can access all of your podcasts across the connected devices? iOS lets you get it done with ease. Hence, no matter which devices you are using, your contents will be just a few clicks/taps away.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device → Podcasts.

Tap on Podcasts in iPhone Settings

Step #2. Now, turn on the switch next to Sync Podcasts.

Sync Podcasts Across Devices

Tip #13. Share Podcasts with your Friends

Whenever I find an out-of-the-box content, I like sharing it with friends. With the sharing option readily available, getting it done is pretty straightforward.

To Share Full Show:

Head over to the show you want to share and then tap on the more button. Now, select Share in the menu.

Share Podcasts Full Show with your Friends

To Share an Episode:

Once you have found an episode, touch and hold it. Then, select Share Episode in the menu.

Share Podcasts Episode with your Friends

Tip #14. Siri Shortcuts to Get Your Work Done Faster

With iOS 12, you can create quick shortcuts for the things you do more often. They can let you get your work done faster with the help of Siri. Head over here to know more about this new feature.

Tip #15. Remote Controls for Playing Next/Previous Episodes With Ease

You can use the headphones and even car controls to play the next/previous episodes. Moreover, it also lets you skip forward/back within the episodes. Settings → Podcasts → Turn On the switch next to Skip Instead of Next/Previous.

Remote Controls for Playing Next or Previous Episodes in Podcasts App

That’s pretty much it!

Your take?

Now that you have taken a peek at all the hacks, make the most of them to enhance your experience. And yes, if you know a smart trick, do share it with us as well.

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