12 Tips to Use Your Mac Like a Pro

The wired and the wireless world of electronics is no less complicated than those ancient dungeons wherein monarchs would store their treasures, and the after a few years, their memories wouldn’t serve them correctly as to what they had stored in those dark chambers. Though I haven’t stored anything precious in my Mac, apart from a few documents & funny apps, Mac OS X surprises me often with some awesome features that I never explored in the last two years.

Here, I want to share some of the awesome tips to use your Mac like a pro user.

Tips to Use Mac Like a Pro

Tips to Use Your Mac Like a Pro

Annotate PDFs from Preview App

Gone are the days when people were desperate to edit PDF files, but they didn’t have any way to do so. Now, with Mac OS X, you can annotate your PDF files (besides signing documents) in a way you want, with the help of Preview. Add your text, comments, highlight text and more.

Type Emojis in Mac

Type Emojis on Mac OS X YosemiteYour communication with the world is incomplete without emoji. And therefore, Mac OS X is packed with emoji. It has built-in emoji as you have in iOS. Open the special characters window by pressing ctrl+⌘+space and select the one you want to use!

Quit or hide running apps

Running apps can slow down the performance of your Mac, and therefore, to close the apps hold ⌘+tab. Keep holding ⌘ and keep tabbing through apps. Once you reach the app you want to close or hide, press Q to quit and H to hide the app.

Preview files with space bar

Before you open any file, take a preview and check whether you want to open it or not. This feature helps especially you have to open heavy files of Photoshop or Coral Draw. Select the file you want to open and press the spacebar. While the file is in preview mode, you can also press the arrow keys to change between files. To close the file, press the spacebar again.

Convert speech to text with Dictation

Give your fingers some rest and start wagging your tongue to type in. Surprised? I am talking about Dictation; it works well on Mac OS X. Press the function (fn) key twice, then start speaking. Now press fn one more time to convert your speech to text.

Capture Screenshot

Taking screenshots is as easy as ABC. Use following commands, and your job is done:

⌘ + ⇧ + 3 Capture entire screen + save

⌘ + Ctrl + ⇧ + 3 Capture entire screen + copy to the clipboard

⌘ + ⇧ + 4 Capture dragged area + save

⌘ + Ctrl + ⇧ + 4 Capture dragged area + copy to the clipboard

⌘ + ⇧ + 4 then Space Capture a window + save

⌘ + Ctrl + ⇧ + 4 then Space Capture a window + copy to the clipboard

Create a new text file by moving selected text

Now creating a new file is actually a child’s play. Select text anywhere, click & hold and move it where you need to create a new text file.

Change volume and brightness in quarter-step increments

Want to change volume while listening to songs or watching the movie? Simply hold ⇧ while changing the volume. To change brightness, hold ⇧ + ⌥.

Summarize Text

One of the best features useful for project management. To enable “Summarize” feature, click on the app name in the status bar (for example, Chrome → Services → Services Preferences → Scroll down and check “Summarize”. Mac OS X quickly summarizes long writings in a jiffy. First, select a text you want to summarize; right click on the selected text and click on “Summarize.”

Open finder folder in new window

Hold ⌘ and double-click a folder to open it in a new window or new tab.

QuickType Anywhere

Like iOS 8, Mac OS X has also got the QuickType feature. To use this feature, just press the ESC key to bring up suggestions for the next word while you are writing in any Apple app.

Remotely Close Tabs on Your iOS Device

This one is quite a useful feature if you are working on a secret project or if you have left an embarrassing tab open on an iOS device. You can close such tabs remotely. Open Safari on your Mac; hit the new tab page and click the “x” next to any tab you want to close.

That’s all!

If you know anymore tips, feel free to share the same in the comment. Also, download our app and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read more such helpful articles.