Top 6 Secrets for Selling Your iPhone at the Best Price

Everything ages and your iPhone is not an ageless piece. So you want to sell out your dear device. But you want to earn top dollar. Check these six secrets to trade in your iPhone and get the best deal on your iOS device.

You might have heard people saying that you should sell your old cell phone and upgrade it! But do you know the amazing secrets for getting the best deals for your iPhone? Stay tuned as we tell you the best secrets for your Apple iPhone trade-in.

When iPhone ages, people want to sell the device, but the question that remains is, where to sell it and what to do before selling the phone. Going through the process of selling your phone is very tiring and energy consuming if you don’t do it the right way. Although there is no right or wrong way of selling a product or a device, we would give you some useful tips that would boost up the selling process for your phone.

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Tips to Trade-in Your iPhone at Best Price

#1. Decision

Decision to Sell iPhone

The decision-making is the easiest task in the phone selling process. It’s not about deciding whether you should sell your iPhone or not. It’s about choosing where to sell your phone. There are various places where you can sell your iPhone at your convenience. The best place to sell your cell phone depends upon your decision.

The first place you might consider while selling your iPhone is finding someone you know who is willing to buy your iPhone. This person can be your friend, office colleague, or any relative you know. If you are willing to sell your phone to such a person, you should start looking for a potential buyer.

The second place where you might want to sell your iPhone is through an online channel. There are further two significant options here for you. You can either sell your phone through a classified ad or sell it to a recycling platform.

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Selling your phone to a recycling platform is the easier option. For this you don’t have to prepare your phone to present it in front of a buyer; you can sell your phone the way it is. You only have to visit the online platforms.

Classified ads may get you the best price for your iPhone. These ads can be put up on various websites working in the UK, or in this era of social media you can quickly put up an advertisement of your smartphone on your Instagram or Facebook account. Through this, you might find a buyer near you.

If you have decided the best place to sell your phone, it’s time to move on to the next part.

#2. Preparing your iPhone

Clean your iPhone Before Selling

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No, you don’t have to pick up your makeup kit for preparing your iPhone, but you surely have to consider some cleaning utensils. Your iPhone’s appearance matters the most if you are selling it through a classified ad.

No one wants to buy a dirty phone! You should thoroughly check if your phone has some dirt spots on it. If you find any dirt spot on your iPhone, you should immediately take a clean cloth and cleaning spray and start wiping the dirt off. But be careful here, you don’t have to wipe too hard. If you do so, it might damage your phone as well. So do the cleaning part gently.

Once you have cleaned your phone thoroughly, the next thing is to go for the accessories. You should first find the accessories and then clean them thoroughly as well to make them look like new.

When you are done with the cleaning part, you should check if the screen protector on your phone is alright. If it’s not, we suggest you change the protector or take the protector off. A bad screen protector worsens the look of your mobile phone.

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#3. Take Amazing Pictures of your iPhone

Take Best Pictures of iPhone

This works like a wonder! The first thing that potential buyers look is the pictures of your device. You must take the photos with a good camera, as the photos should be appealing. If you don’t have such a camera with you, you can always ask for help from a friend. Find a friend with the best camera (Phone) and ask him to take some amazing pictures of your device.

Don’t take pictures at a shady place. Try to take bright pictures where your phone looks the best. Take pictures in such a way that the focal point in the picture is your iPhone. The best way to do that is taking the pictures in front of a plain white or any mono-color background. If your iPhone is in white, gold or rose gold color, then you should take the pictures in front of a dark colored background. If you have a black iPhone, then you should take the pictures in front of white or any lighter color background.

Just taking one picture of your phone isn’t enough, you should click dozens of photos from every angle. Once you are done with taking pictures of your iPhone, you should select the best ones to upload with the ad. If you still don’t like the pictures, you can always edit those on a picture editing software.

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#4. Write a Captivating description and title

Write a Captivating Description and Title for iPhone

Usually, people read the title even before looking at the pictures of the phone. You should write the essential details about your phone in the title e.g., iPhone 7 (64 GB, Rose Gold Colour).

Moreover, you should write an attractive description of your phone. You should write the description in simple English. You should also try to write it in bullet points, so it becomes easy for the potential buyer to read the description carefully. Easily readable things automatically become attractive, and the most important point to be noted here is that your advertisement should be attractive enough so that the buyer contacts you.

Note: Include all the flaws in the description, if there are any. Also write clearly about the accessories that are available with the device.

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#5. Negotiation Skills

Negotiation for iPhone Price

You should always have excellent negotiation skills if you are willing to sell your phone through a classified advertisement. Whenever someone reaches you as a potential buyer of your phone, make sure that the buyer is not a scam. You should meet with the buyer in person to show your phone, but make it sure that you meet the person at a public place, where nobody can snatch your phone away.

#6. Factory Reset

Reset your iPhone Before Selling

Once you have found a buyer for your iPhone, the last thing you should do is clearing the memory of your phone by a factory reset. This task might sound easy, but you have to follow specific steps to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

The inconvenience might include loss of your data, theft of your data and misuse of any payment method saved in your iPhone. You might be wondering; how can this happen?
The answer to this question is simple. Once you have factory reset your iPhone by following the right steps, then you have deleted every bit of the possible data that you might have skipped if you have gone into the settings and directly pressed the factory reset button.

We always care about your data, and we wish that you never face any inconvenience in the future by selling your phone without deleting everything that resides on it. This is the sole purpose that we suggest you remove the things from your phone with a step by step procedure. For a complete guide read: things to do before selling your iPhone.

Summing up…

These are some secrets that you should follow if you have decided for iPhone trade-in in the UK. We know that these steps might be difficult for a busy person. Also, you won’t have time to wait for a potential buyer to contact you if you put a classified ad for your phone, as you may have to wait for too long before a buyer contacts you. With classified ads, a buyer may or may not approach you even if you have produced a perfect advertisement.

In this case, we always suggest you sell your old cell phone to a recycling platform. You can sell your old iPhone easily to these platforms, and the best thing is that they pay for your phone immediately. For your comfort, SellTheMobile provides you with a list of price quotes from these platforms for your iPhone.

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