How's your iPhone battery doing? We're hearing a mixed response after the jailbreak. Yesterday, we posted on Winterboard and battery issues associated with it. Today, we take a look at the overall impact of jailbreaking on the iPhone battery and also at some of the most useful tips that can help you save the juice.

Most people go on to test new tweaks, themes and NC widgets right after the jailbreak. And since we've all been waiting for a long time for the jailbreak, it's quite normal that people jump on the bandwagon. The problem, however, is obvious: when you start testing, tweaking, theming and modding your iPhone, it will lose the battery.

Like we pointed out earlier, Apple didn't design the iPhone to take the onslaught of a ton of themes or tweaks. So if your iPhone battery drains faster, you are not supposed to be alarmed. But if it does drain too fast, there are things you should do to plug the leak.

iPhone Battery Life

What Drains the Battery?
There are a few things that drain the battery and then there are those that don't. Let's first make that distinction clear so you know what tweaks you can safely use and test all the time without impacting the battery.

  • Lockscreen widgets
  • Springboard mods
  • Notification Center widgets / mods
  • Tweaks like IntelliscreenX, LockInfo that are set to fetch data frequently
  • Themes that have a lot of add-ons
  • Apps that run in the background and use data/resources

That's pretty much it. Let's take a look at what doesn't eat the battery:

  • Themes that just replace PNGs and icons.
  • Tweaks that don't use any data (no refresh, no data fetching etc.)
  • Widgets that are set to fetch data in long intervals
  • Mods which don't utilize the smartphone resources

If you think of tweaks like TorchNC or Kamera, they're going to just sit there and do nothing till you trigger them. These don't eat your battery.

But if you have, say, the Fifty Foot Shadows HD theme on your iPhone, you're most likely to witness a rapid and alarming battery drain. This is because the way the theme actually uses the resources of the iPhone.

So how exactly do I save the battery?

First, let's think non-jailbreak stuff:

  • Brightness: reduce to a level where the screen is readable.
  • Location Services: Turn it off if you don't require it, or configure the apps that use the service.
  • Bluetooth: Turn it off when not in use.
  • Wifi/3G: Use NCSettings/SBSettings to toggle faster. Turn each off when not in use.

Jailbreak stuff:

  • If you are using Winterboard, practice minimalism. Use themes that aren't heavy-loading. Some themes are so delicious-looking, yes, but you have to exercise restraint for the sake of performance.
  • Tweak settings in themes and mods and widgets so they don't fetch data frequently. If IntelliscreenX checks FB/Twitter every 30 mins, try increasing it to every hour or so.
  • Test Lockscreen themes carefully before deciding on the one you want to use. Many minimalistic LS themes consume battery too (from personal experience).
  • Constantly tweak and test till you figure out what's eating the battery and what's not.

This is largely based on trials and errors.