6 Tips to Improve Your iPhone’s Performance

Has your iPhone significantly slowed down or just not performing up to the mark? Check out these 6 tips to improve your iPhone's performance!

As iPhone models get older, they face performance issues from a number of sources. Some iOS features aren’t completely compatible with older models, while others get bogged down with too many apps and not enough storage space. You can also run into issues with your battery or begin experiencing slow loading times.

Even newer model phones can start to perform poorly if you let them. No one wants to use a sluggish phone that constantly crashes or turns off at the drop of a hat. Luckily, there are easy tricks you can try to get your phone up and running like new again, such as closing out open apps and doing a full reset. When your iPhone isn’t running well, try some of these easy tricks to speed it up until you can upgrade.

How to Improve iPhone Performance

How to Speed-up iPhone

Close Background Apps

If you have too many apps open at once, they cause your phone to slow down. Closing them is easy. Double tap your home button, and you’ll see all the apps you have open lined up across the screen. Swipe up on each one you want to close. To really improve your phone’s performance, close them all, and open only the one you need right now. Get in the habit of closing apps when you’re finished with them.

Turn off Automatic App Updates

Since iOS 7, apps have been automatically updating themselves whenever a new version comes out, whether or not you want them to. If you’re the kind of person who forgets to update your apps, this feature can be great. But if your phone is slow, the automatic updates are probably a contributing factor. When apps automatically update, that slows down your phone, so you should control when it happens.

Go to SettingsiTunes & App Stores. You’ll see a heading called Automatic Downloads, and Updates is one of the items in the list. Toggle the switch to the off position and you’re done

Turn Off Auto App Updates on iPhone and iPad

Limit Location-Using Apps

Some apps always track your location, which can cause performance issues when you’ve got a lot of them going at once. Check which apps have access to your location and turn off most of them. Other than GPS, only a few of your apps really need your location to run properly. For the rest, start in SettingsPrivacyLocation Services.

Tap on Location Services in iPhone Settings AppYou’ll see a list of the apps that use Location Services and which ones are currently allowed to access them. Turn any unnecessary apps off. You can always flip them back on later if you need to access that aspect of the app.

Clear Memory-Hungry Apps

You can check your home screen and randomly delete apps, but you might not delete those taking up the most space. Go to SettingsGeneralStorage & iCloud UsageManage Storage. You’ll get a list of every app currently installed on your phone, plus how much space in KB, MB, or GB the app takes up. Once you realize how much space some of your apps are taking up, you won’t be so keen to keep them.

Reduce Motion

The later versions of iOS have cool animations, like zoom and parallax, that enhance user experience. The animations look cool, but they’re not very compatible with older iPhones like the 5 and 5s or earlier models. When you reduce motion on the iPhone, parallax goes away and zoom becomes more of a fade. The animations also stop making your phone’s performance glitchy. Head to SettingsGeneralAccessibility, then tap the toggle to Reduce Motion.

Turn On Reduce Motion in iOS 10 on iPhone

Wipe Your Phone Clean

First, try turning off your phone and turning it back on to perform what’s called a soft reset. Sometimes a reboot is all you need to speed up a lagging phone. When all else fails, you can back up your phone and wipe it clean. By resetting your iPhone, you get rid of a lot of unnecessary data that accumulates in your phone’s memory over time. Back it up in iTunes (not iCloud) then go to SettingsGeneralResetErase all Content and Settings. Then, restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup.

Erase All Contents and Settings on iPhone

Once your iPhone has been successfully restored, it will work faster and help you get more out of the expansive T-Mobile network.

You might have to let go of a few favorite apps or some handy iOS conveniences, to improve your phone’s performance. However, the apps you need will work better, and the phone won’t freeze or drag through processes. The changes are worth it!

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