Top 10 Tips to Create Killer iPhone/iPad Apps

Given the fact that an iOS user would always appreciate better performance of an app, developers must develop & design their iOS apps with utmost care. A few tips might come handy if you are planning to develop an app for iOS users.


Developing a killer iOS application for users is a massive achievement. For any novice, it is impossible to ACHIEVE…however, now impossible is POSSIBLE.

The impossible thing may be achieved with the great amount of hard work, time, and of course, dedication. However, strength is one of the most important qualities of any application and is also very difficult to achieve.

Tips to Create Killer iPhone Apps

Regardless of your business industry, you will have to ensure that your iPhone/iPad app consists of below listed 10 qualities to make it a killer app.

Top 10 Tips to Create Excellent iPhone and iPad Apps

#1. Excellent User Interface

First impression is everything, whether it is of business or an application. People judge books by covers and apps by their design. The way an application looks and operates is important to its success. Such thing is true with free applications as it has a high churn rate.

If iOS app doesn’t look and perform compared to its rivals, then the user won’t bother to learn more about what actually features app has. iOS developers always keep in mind that the successful application is operated from a small touchscreen and thus, its user interface has justifying design elements that is free from function to the application. In case, it doesn’t add value, it is eliminated.

Killer application should focus on the primary task, have the most relevant content and provide a logical path to follow an easy navigation.

#2. User Engagement

Majority of iOS application downloaded to mobile devices are just used once and deleted eventually. The reasons are many, but the primary is that it is not engaging and up to the mark.

In order to avoid the pitfall, it is advisable to add features like gamifying, embedding social media, etc. and also offering bonus and points for unlocking different achievements and rewarding users to engage them.

#3. Customer Support

Not every mobile app user is tech-savvy. There are people, who have pre or post-purchase questions or need help with their download. A killer application’s customer support will answer user’s question within hours or even in seconds. Just one proper answer can lead to a sale or an app recommendation.

In case, you are noticing that you start getting same questions from different clients, it would be great to create an FAQ section for them. And, for individual queries, you can hire people from some freelancing sites.

#4. Fulfill Users’ Needs

Developing a killer app is easy, but if you fail to release updates at regular intervals, the app will find no place in users’ smartphones. A likeable application introduces latest features, fixes bugs, streamline the way of operation, etc. with every update.

Take an example of Angry Birds; the application is the most successful on any platform with more than 250 million downloads. However, the only reason of its success doesn’t rest on the fun it offers, but its regular updates, new way of playing, etc. that make users satisfied.

#5. Ease of Use

The installation and usage of application should be easy, as users don’t have even time or patience to learn how to navigate application. Additionally, you have to ensure that your users should have quick access to what they look for.

#6. High-Performing and Fast Loading

Have you ever used application that sometimes gets crashed, frozen or completely shut down? You probably wouldn’t like to use that app frequently. If any application takes lots of time to load, it is automatically ditched by the users. A well-performing application takes approximately 5 seconds to load.

But, some complex applications like Facebook take more time to load as these apps need large amount of data. However, killer applications should be high-performing and consistent as at the initial stage, they wouldn’t be popular like Facebook.

#7. Spontaneous

Your iPhone/iPad app should be accessible for short bursts of user activity. If it is good for long session, then it wouldn’t work and won’t succeed.

#8. Invariants

Invariants are the conditions that should be kept across many data structures to secure the integrity of the logic of the application. Developers find many design techniques or language features such as generics, encapsulation enums, etc. that help them to keep invariants safe.

#9. Supportable with Different iOS Devices

A killer iOS app development process should include app compatibility with all possible iOS devices. It must keep the aspect of the specific device in mind and can take advantage of its natural qualities. Thus, it delivers the best possible UI experience to users.

When developing any mobile application, you just have to pay attention to the features of the iOS device. It is advisable to avoid unfamiliar features that don’t fit into your app.

#10. Competitive

Price competition is violent as one firm is likely to undercut the other by grabbing the market share. There are many free applications and websites loaded with an advertisement and other alternative sources to make money a potential turn-off for customers. You should try to offer a free version or a full-feature paid version.

The Bottom Line

iTune is cluttered with competition that doesn’t mean your application can’t stand out from the crowd. The demand of iPhone and iPad are growing and so is of applications. However, if you want to achieve success in an application development, you must have to figure out above qualities.