How to Use Your iPhone to Obtain Knowledge and Master Skills

The iPhone can be smartly used to attain knowledge and even help people master their skills. Here is the perfect guide you can get started with.

Your iPhone is king. Do you know why? Not for nothing, iPhone is widely believed to be the most advanced as well as a superior smartphone in the world. With some highly user-friendly features such as 3D Touch, the handset stands out from the rest. No wonder every other smartphone in the industry strives to emulate iPhone’s charisma!

First of all, it helps to keep in touch with friends and relatives, surf the Internet fast, and take photos of interesting moments of your life. However, this small device can also help you obtain knowledge and master skills wherever you are. If you keep developing, it’s more likely you can succeed in career growth, so knowing how to use your phone to make the most out of it is an important thing for all iPhone users.

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How to Use Your iPhone to Obtain Knowledge

Tips to Use Your iPhone to Obtain Knowledge and Master Skills

Your iPhone is the best device to get more things done without wasting much time. If you put education and self-development high on your list, there are many ways to use your phone the right way to expand knowledge.

FaceTime iPhone App IconFaceTime: Modern technologies help us contact different people, no matter where they are. If you want to learn a foreign language with a native speaker, it’s a great time to start using FaceTime. Communicate with your tutor in real time to boost your skills.

iBooks: iBooks iPhone and iPad App IconThe more you read, the more creative you are. Having your favorite books downloaded to your phone, you don’t need to carry heavy printed versions with you. Simply read the book when you have time.

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Notes iPhone and iPad App IconNotes App: Most people would agree that having good writing skills is helpful. If you know how to organize your thoughts on paper, it’s more likely you know how to explain everything that comes to your mind. Use your Notes on the phone to practice writing.

Your phone gives many opportunities to learn new things daily, and what is more, there is a wide variety of educational apps so you can browse them and find out what are the best for you.

Top 5 Educational Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Khan Academy 

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Khan Academy iPhone and iPad App IconNo matter what you’re interested in, you can expand your knowledge and sharpen skills with interactive tasks. Khan Academy provides people with the opportunity to obtain knowledge even online, so you don’t need the Internet to proceed in learning.

Price: Free
Download Khan Academy

#2. Coursera

Coursera iPhone and iPad App IconCoursera is one of the biggest MOOCs providers that offer over 1000 courses in a variety of subjects. Sing up an interesting course, and complete it when you have spare time. Plus, you can earn a certificate to prove your knowledge for a low price ($9.99/month).

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Price: Free
Download Coursera

#3. Evernote

Evernote iPhone and iPad App IconHaving good writing skills is an important thing nowadays as all people compose emails and communicate online, and it can affect your business growth as well. Thus, honing writing skills is a good idea, and Evernote app can help you master these skills, keep your papers organized, and express your ideas clearly.

Price: Free
Download Evernote

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#4. Bookshelf 

Bookshelf iPhone and iPad App IconIt goes without saying that reading broadens the mind. If you’re in a queue or flying to another city, take your phone and read your favorite book. Read, mark important chunks, create notes, and become a better person with your personal Bookshelf.

Price: Free
Download Bookshelf

#5. Elevate 

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Elevate iPhone and iPad App IconElevate iPhone app helps people improve their memory and train brain functions. It consists of 30+ different games that help you distract and master some skills. Employees can make the most out of their breaks.

Price: Free
Download Elevate

iTunes is full of educational apps, so everyone can find something interesting ones to train skills and gain fresh knowledge.

Where to Start?

When it comes to obtaining knowledge, people don’t know where to start and how to organize the educational process. However, there are three easy steps to give it a try.

Step #1. Update Your Phone.

Update iOS on iPhone

Every software update is aimed at fixing some bugs, and Apple company improves iOS 9 software constantly. If your iPhone is up-to-date, you can download different apps to use them on the go.

Step #2. Download Apps and Organize Them.

Organize iPhone Apps

The number of educational apps is growing rapidly. If you’re using too many apps, then you won’t master your skills on a good level as you distract from tasks and allocate attention. Thus, test interesting apps and leave those ones that work well for you. Plus, you’d better organize them to boost productivity.

Step #3. Set Reminders.

Set Reminders on iPhone to Learn New Things

Living in a modern society, we have too many plans for a day, and sometimes it’s hard to find time to spend it on self-development. However, you can use reminders to keep yourself organized. Once you set a reminder, you will keep in mind all plans for your day. There is an option to create a note using Siri, so it doesn’t take much time: simple call Siri to help you.

Do you use your iPhone to obtain knowledge? What are the best apps for you? Do share your feedback with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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