Tips for First-time iPhone Users: Part Two

First Time iPhone User Tips Part Two

Using the iPhone can be great fun if you know a little more of the nifty tips and tricks you can use on the iPhone.

For first-time users of the iPhone, it can be an entertaining experience because the iOS ecosystem is vastly different from anything that you’ve ever used. Even if you came from the Android platform, iOS is going to be hugely different.

We covered a few tips in the first part of this series. Obviously, there are many more interesting tips that will come in handy when you are typing a message, using the camera, trying to add an event and more.

Handy Tips for First-Time iPhone Users

1. Undo Typing

Undo and Redo Typing on iPhone

You type something but you want to erase the whole thing. Be it Messages, or Whatsapp, or WeChat or any other messaging app (or even just a normal text field), you can erase the whole thing in two ways: one, tap and hold the backspace. Or, the easier way, just shake your iPhone. When you shake your iPhone, a new dialog pops up with the ‘Undo Typing’ option to tap on.

A simpler way to erase everything you’ve typed right?

2. Mute Shutter Sound

Turn Off Ringer Switch to Mute Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

Want to mute the shutter sound when you click pictures? Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have an option to mute the shutter sound specifically. But there’s a workaround: the mute switch on the side of your iPhone.

When you mute your iPhone, the shutter sound is muted too. Of course, this isn’t a perfect workaround but it’s good enough because you can use the mute switch only when you use the camera and turn it back on after you’re done.

3. Add Emoji

How to Add Emoji Keyboard to iPhone or iPad

We’ve covered adding emoji to your keypad already and it’s a cool feature for iPhone users. You can use emoji not just in Whatsapp but almost everywhere else. To do this, add a new keyboard. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings → General → Keyboard → Keyboards.
  • Tap on Add New Keyboard..
  • Choose Emoji and you’re done!
Get Emoji on iPhone Keyboard

Now, when the keyboard pops up, tap the globe icon and the keyboard changes to emoji. Tap it again and it cycles through the keyboards you have added.

4. Filter Missed Calls

Filter Missed Calls on iPhone

A better way to have a look at just the missed calls.

The Phone app shows you the list of recent calls made, received and missed. The missed calls are usually marked in red font so you can actually know immediately which calls are missed calls. However, if you want a finer level of sorting, there’s a Missed button right on top. Tap that and you will see just the missed calls.

5. Redial A Number

Redial A Number on iPhone

The iPhone’s Phone app – you’ll notice – doesn’t have a specific redial button. But Apple’s smart so they’ve hard-coded the redial option into the green ‘Call’ button.

To redial a number you just typed, double-tap the Call button.

6. Adding an Event in Calendar

Add an Event in Calendar on iPhone

Adding an event to the Calendar app for iOS is quite straightforward. Moreover, the app offers multiple options to let you perfectly customize the event as per your needs. For instance, you can add travel time, fine-tune alerts, add invitees and more.

Just tap on the date that you want to add an event → Tap on Plus icon → Now you can add event details here and you’re done!

7. Use Trackpad

How to Select Text in iPhone Using Keyboard As Trackpad

Not many of you may know that iOS comes with a hidden Trackpad to make editing text pretty simple. To invoke this super handy feature, all you need to do is just press and hold the space bar (or anywhere on the keyboard on 3D Touch supported device).

Once you are in the trackpad mode, you can drag your finger to move the cursor. Besides, it will also let you comfortably select text. To find out more about it, head over to this quick guide.

What About Changing All The Important Settings?

Well, there are several iPhone settings that you need to change. Apart from enhancing the privacy and security of your device, they will make your iPhone deliver better performance for you.

So, if you want to dive a litter deeper and customize all the essential settings of your iOS device, check out these 22 tips.

There you go!

Signing Off…

So, these are the coolest tips for iPhone users who have just migrated from Android. Though no OS can claim to be perfect, Apple’s mobile operating system is known to deliver a bit more reliable performance. Not to mention the seamless integration with iDevices, which makes for enhanced user experience.

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Which is your favorite feature in iOS and why? Do not forget to let us know its name and what makes it so appreciable.

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