Timerlist iPhone App: Brilliant Way to Set and Follow Timers

The other day, I found Timerlist on Reddit. Eager to try out a new app, I downloaded it right away and started trying out the features. To call it a fantastically-designed timer app would be a huge understatement. Timerlist is best experienced rather than written about.

Timerlist is extremely useful in a variety of things we do: workouts, cooking a recipe (or more than one recipe), yoga, taking a test, marathon/running. But saying it that way makes it look like just another timer-app, right? That’s precisely what Timerlist is not. It’s one heck of a design, implementation and interface that can totally change the way you use a timer app. For any reason.

Timerlist is free so instead of reading this review, I suggest that you grab that app right away and start using it to feel why it’s so radically different and yet so intuitively useful.

The app runs on gesture-based actions, much like Clear. Swiping left or right will start a timer, pause a timer or reset the timer completely. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Each timer has controls and features that go beyond the usual realm of a minimalist timer app.

Timerlist Timer App for iPhone

To explain how Timerlist is an interesting app, let’s talk about creating a timer for a walk+jog workout. You are going to walk for 1:30 and then jog for 1:00 (minute). And then repeat it.

In the Timerlist app, you create a timer within which we have all these sub-timers for walking and jogging. The whole interface is so simple that you can get started instantly. You can set two kinds of alerts for when the timer changes to another routine (walk → jog or vice versa): you can either have it Announce or Vibrate (or both).

Timerlist App for iPhone

Then, you add timers (with adjustable timer value and rest). Along with that, you can also have a beats-per-minute setup and configure your favorite music (from the iTunes library) to play while the timer runs.

Now all of this sounds very normal for a comprehensive timer app but it’s the UI/UX that gets you loving the app almost instantly. Once you get the hang of managing timers (just a swipe right) and creating new timers, you can start getting creative with the timer themselves. You can add music and beats for the jog part of the timer and then you can have the timer run normally for the walk part.

The countdown announcements and the vibrations make sure you don’t have to look at the phone at all while you run the timer. This is something very important because I don’t want to be looking at the phone when I am making a recipe. The timer announcement will read the title of the upcoming timer before and after the countdown: which means I just have to listen. Also, things like auxiliary views and speed show how good you are doing (for workouts).

Of the alerts, the zen-bell is a touch of class. That alone is worth downloading the app for.

All necessary features of Timerlist are free. That’s the best part – right after the fact that there are no ads either. There are themes that you can pick after an in-app purchase of $2.99 (which also unlocks more features).

Price: Free
Download Timerlist

Timerlist iPhone App

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