Trump Discusses Tariff Hikes on Chinese Goods with Apple CEO

Should Donald Trump further hike tariffs on Chinese goods? What are the issues Apple is facing? In a meeting between the US president and Apple CEO Tim Cook, both leaders discussed these issues. The meeting was held during an event the president held with governors on skill development.

Tim Cook is a frequent visitor to the White House and it is known to everyone in the United States. On Thursday, president Donald Trump discussed trade and other vital issues with the Apple CEO.

Notably, Apple has to suffer a lot following bitter trade relations between the US and China. President mulls his threat to hike tariffs on imports from China.

Donald Trump Discusses “Trade, US investment, immigration and privacy” with Tim Cook

President’s daughter Ivanka Trump shared details of this meeting during an event held by the president with governors on the development of skills. Ivanka is also an advisor of the president.

Tim Cook and Ivanka have worked on the latter’s job training and education causes. Cook is instrumental in bringing jobs and investment back to the United States, and therefore, the president includes his name in the list of business leaders.

According to White House spokesman Judd Deere, president Trump discussed “Trade, US investment, immigration and privacy” with Tim Cook. When Reuters attempted to speak to the Apple spokesperson but failed.

Increase in tariffs on Chinese goods is the primary issue Trump wants to discuss with Tim Cook. Trump is likely to meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping during G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, at the end of June. Trump added that he would decide after this meeting.

Trump wants Xi Jinping to change trade practices conducted by China, but negotiations between the two leaders never reached any conclusion.

Until now, companies that deal in consumer electronics like phones and tablets, have dodged the tariffs, but they will be incorporated in the next hike.

Summing up…

According to sources, the US government is planning to investigate the market power of large technology companies. Defending his company, Cook said Apple is not too large, but it has a moderate share of the market.

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