We Don’t Have A Dominant Position In Any Market: Tim Cook to CBS Evening News

Privacy and security of user data have always been Apple's prime concerns, and the company will protect users' privacy at any cost. Apple CEO Tim Cook firmly believes that the company is on users' side in privacy and fake news.

Ever since Apple has removed third-party parental control apps on the grounds of privacy and security, the company is facing severe criticism from media and app developers alike.

The New York Times goes onto say that Apple eliminated those apps to promote its native ‘Screen Time’ app. With this backdrop, Norah O’Donnell, anchor and managing director of CBS Evening News, talks to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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We Are Not A Monopoly: Tim Cook Says

Tariffs on iPhones, privacy, and monopoly are the main topics of their discussion. Notably, developers are not happy with Apple’s announcement of Sign in with Apple, which “lets people select which personal information they share with apps and websites when creating accounts.”

At the very beginning, the Norah asked Tim that he always talks about privacy at length. To this, Cook said,

“I think it’s one of the most important issues of the century. We see privacy as a fundamental human right. And we’re very worried that the place that we’re all in right now is a place that has dire consequences. And you can see some of those that have played out over the last several years, and the awareness is building. But basically, we want to give tools to users to protect their privacy. I mean, there is extraordinary amounts of detailed information about people, that I don’t think should really exist, that are out there today.”

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Norah based her next question of monopoly on this feature Apple is to planning to launch. Is Apple too big? Asked Norah, and Cook replied,

“No. I don’t think so. I think that with size, I think scrutiny is fair. I think we should be scrutinized. But if you look at any kind of measure about is Apple a monopoly or not, I don’t think anybody reasonable is going to come to the conclusion that Apple’s a monopoly. Our share is much more modest. We don’t have a dominant position in any market.”

In recent times, trade relations between the US and China are not so healthy. Although this has not impacted Apple directly, “if there’s a 25% tariff on the iPhone XS alone, it could add $160 to what is already a very expensive device”.

On tariff rise, Cook said,

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“I’m hoping that (tariff rise) doesn’t happen. And I don’t anticipate it happening. I know people think the iPhone is made in China. The iPhone is assembled in China. The truth is, the iPhone is made everywhere. It’s made everywhere. And so a tariff on the iPhone would hurt all of those countries, but the one that would be hurt the most is this one.”

That’s all, friends!

Summing up…

Apart from the above topics, Tim Cook spoke on issues of immigration and the time we spend on our iPhones. Recent updates in iOS are critical as the company’s leading device, iPhone is facing a decline in sales.

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