The 2016 presidential election in US is attracting a lot of attention from around the world. The exceedingly close battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seems to have pushed everyone on the edge.

WikiLeaks has revealed yet another email from Hillary Clinton presidential campaign chairman John Podesta. The email throws a lot of surprises; revealing that Apple CEO Tim Cook had been listed as a possible candidate for Vice President along with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and several others.

Tim Cook Was Named to Hillary Clinton's List of Vice Presidential Candidates

Tim Cook was Included in Hillary Clinton’s List of Vice Presidential Candidates

“Ok, I can breathe again! Congrats on a fabulous night. I am feeling like it’s possible to get back to the longer-term again. Cheryl and I met with Jim Hamilton on Friday to discuss lawyers who can help do the research and vetting that I outlined in the VP vet memo we discussed.

We also met with Marc Elias to get his input on firms that have already provided substantial volunteer lawyer assistance and to get prepared to execute non-disclosure agreements with anyone we involve in the process.

We put together the attached notional teams of “report writers” (confidential profiles/public record vet) and “vettors” (deep-dive/oppo-book), and want to run it by you before we execute on the list.

Let me know if there are people you would like to see added or removed before we begin the process. Cheryl, Robby, Jake, Huma, Jennifer and I also did a first cut of people to consider for VP. I have organized names in rough food groups.”WikiLeaks.

Though Cook has pledged his support for both Democrats and Republicans, he had hosted a fundraising event for Hillary Victory Fun, which contributes to the Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

As per various opinion polls, Hillary Clinton is expected to win the impending presidential election.


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