Today, Tim Cook has reached five years as the CEO of Apple. Cook took over on the same day – 24 August 2011 – the late Steve Jobs stepped down and recommended the board of directors to appoint him as his successor.

Having completed his five-year with great success, Cook has unlocked all his previously awarded bonuses which are currently worth more than $100.

During Cook’s tenure, Apple has tasted remarkable success. Whether it’s massive popularity of iPhone or the huge take off of the Apple Watch, his leadership has been very fruitful for the Cupertino-based company.
Tim Cook Completes Five Years as Apple CEO

Tim Cook Completes Five Years as Apple CEO

“The iPhone’s huge success also makes it difficult for any other Apple product to stand out. “For any other consumer electronics company, the Apple Watch would be a success beyond their wildest dreams,” says Ben Wood of CCS Insight. “Juxtaposed against the iPhone it looks like a disappointment … It’s not necessarily the stellar product that everyone hoped it would be.” Financial Times.

Chart shows the cumulative totals of iOS devices sold and in active useCook is rated as one of the best CEOs in the world. With the dynamic approach, he believes in creating the finest products and don’t worry too much about the stock.

“Tim Bajarin of the Creative Strategies consultancy says Mr. Cook does not worry too much about pleasing shareholders from one-quarter to the next. “Tim’s mantra has always been, ‘If we make the best products, the stock will be fine’.”

When Steve Jobs passed away, there was a huge question mark as to what could be the future of Apple without its pioneer. Some even questioned the ability of Cook as the leader. However, with the unprecedented accomplishments, he has proved that the former CEO was right in handpicking him as his successor.

“Cook’s bonus includes 700,000 tenure-based restricted stock units that vested today as part of a larger compensation package of over 4.7 million shares awarded on August 24, 2011, in addition to his first of six annual installments of 280,000 tenure-based restricted stock units that vested today. The combined 980,000 shares are valued at nearly $106.7 million based on AAPL’s closing price of $108.85 on Tuesday.” MacRumours.

We wish Cook more success and accolades!

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