Remember the days when you misplace your iPhone and you’d give it a ring from another phone to find out where it is?

What if you could tag almost anything with something that’ll ring and inform you of its position whenever you misplace the thing? Like a keychain? Or a handbag? Or a wallet?

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That’s what Tile is all about. “Tile” is a new product that builds on an old idea but it’s so featured and powerful that I’m sure this has the capability to change the way we ‘look’ for stuff that we often misplace. Right off the top of my head I’m thinking about the car keys and the TV remote.

Somethings we misplace. Something run the risk of getting lost/stolen. Say, for instance, a laptop or a cycle.

Tile Gadget and iPhone App Review

Tile aims to do two things powerfully:

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  • It will help you locate stuff that you misplaced: through visual and audio signals.
  • It will help you locate stolen stuff too as long as the tile apparatus is attached/tagged to the item.

How does Tile work?

There are two aspects to the tile apparatus:

1). The “Tile” – which is a tiny little square tile which emits signals that are picked up by your iPhone.

2). The Tile App which reads these signals and sends signals back to the tile.

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So, all you do is attach the tile to your keyring or stick it to the handbag/wallet. Oh yes, you can also just put it in a bag and it will work just fine. The Tile sends out signals and if the tile is setup in the Tile app on your iPhone, it will be tracked. The closer you get to the tile, the fuller the signal indication will be on the Tile app: this way, you can figure out where the tile (and consequently, the item) is. You can also play a sound via the tile (through the Tile app) to locate the item you’re searching.

The idea isn’t all that innovative but the implementation seems to be awesome. Frankly, there hasn’t been a product of this type so far and most importantly, the app can connect to a lot of Tiles. In effect, you can setup multiple tiles for multiple objects and track them all from your iPhone.

The key features that caught our attention are:

1). Privacy and Security: only you can control the tile you setup unless you explicitly enable it to be shared by others.

2). If you lost something (say, a handbag) that’s tagged with a tile, you can mark it as stolen. This is where the magic starts: if any other tile user happens to be in the vicinity of the stolen/lost item, that particular tile will communicate the position of your tile (item) to you discreetly. No one will know where your tile is but yourself. You won’t even know whose tile sent you the signal and nor the tile’s owner know anything about the location of your lost item. Of course, for this to work, a lot of users need to adopt tile.

Tile is right now on pre-order. The retail price of a Tile is supposedly $25.00 and it will work for ONE year. That’s kind of odd because after the year, your tile will not be useful to you unless you buy a new one. Nevertheless, for those of us who’re prone to misplace stuff, the Tile is a boon.

Tile ™ – the world’s largest lost and found

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You can check out more about the Tile at