For the last couple of days, I have encountered a weird error while opening iTunes This copy of iTunes is corrupted or is not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. (-42037). Normally, I never experienced any other error in iTunes, but this was something really strange.

I didn’t know what to do with this error; but all of a sudden, I recollected that I could get some help from control panel of my Windows PC (this error occurs in Windows PC more often). So I opened the control panel and followed a few simple steps, and whoa! It worked…

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How to Fix This Copy of iTunes is Corrupted or is Not Installed Properly

So if you have met with similar issue, here is a solution.

How to Fix “this copy of iTunes is corrupted or is not installed properly” Issue

Step #1. First, open Control Panel.

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Step #2. Now click on Programs.

Open Control Panel and Cilck on Programs

Step #3. Next, click on Programs and Features.

Click on Programs and Features in Windows PC

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Step #4. Right click on iTunes from the list. A menu will appear with three options: Uninstall, Change and Repair.

Step #5. Click on Repair.

Click Repair in iTunes in Windows Control PanelStep #6. A pop-up banner will ask for User Account Control, Click on Yes.

The process of configuration will start with a message flashed: Please wait while Windows configures iTunes.

Repair iTunes from Windows Control PanelThis will fix the problem. Once the process is over, restart your computer. Now, open your iTunes and it should probably perform well.

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Rest assured that your data will not be damaged during the entire process. If you have experienced similar problem, follow this how-to and fix the issue. If you know any other method, please share.