Third-party Keypad Automatically Changes to Default Keypad in iOS 8? Here’s Why

The result of adding third-party keypads to iOS 8 has been spectacular. Swiftkey, one of the most popular third-party keypad on the App Store hit 1,000,000 downloads on the day it was released.

I see that a lot of users are turning up with questions like why does Apple stock keypad show up even though I have enabled a third-party keypad? Or like when I am trying to log in or enter card info, why does the third-party keypad change to Apple stock? We try to answer these here.

Setting up Third-party Keypad as Default

Tapping the globe icon (on the keypad) cycles through all the keyboards that you have enabled. Your iPhone/iPad remembers the last keypad you used to ideally that’s the one which will show up. But behavior can vary.

You can change the order of the keypads in the keyboard list – and the top one behaves as the default keypad. (not exactly default but it’s the first one to crop up when you tap and hold the globe icon).

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard
  • Tap on Keyboards
  • Tap on Edit from the top right

Troubleshooting Third-party Keypad Issues in iOS 8

  • Now, sort the keypads. Say we want to get the TouchPal keypad on top. We hold on the handle for TouchPal and swipe it right to the top of the list. Done.

Keypad Automatically Changes to Default

A lot of people ask why the keypad changes (automatically) to Apple’s default occasionally/randomly. There are two reasons.

It could be a bug because all this stuff about third-party keypads is new. App developers have been working on it, no doubt, but it could still be a teething issue: these will be fixed soon.

The second reason is the most important one. Your iPhone/iPad will automatically switch to Apple’s stock keypad when you are keying passwords, credit card information or other secure data. And there’s no way to bypass this.

That Allow Full Access switch will still not let you use the third-party keypad when you’re entering sensitive/secure information in forms/apps.

Apple does this to ensure safety/security of your information.

Lag, Bugs and Other Problems

Note that despite all the beta testing, there can be occasional lags and a few other quirks/bugs in the keypad. All the top-line keypads right now (Swiftkey, Swype, Fleksy, TouchPal etc.) have a very responsive and active dev community so they’ll be fixing bugs as soon as possible.