Thino Compact iPhone Travel Charger

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Innovations never cease to surprise us every day. Entire communication juggernaut is moving on the wheels of innovation. While the devices frequently get makeover in terms of features and specifications, accessories too do not lag behind in the race. The latest milestone is Thino – an innovative USB charger with built-in battery and auto-detection technology.

Thino is built on the principle of “small is beautiful, small is functional”. Power banks of 20000mAh are functional but are difficult to carry along while you are in commute. Thino has the power to charge up your devices quickly. Please note that unlike, PowerMe Thino is a USB charger and doesn’t transfer power from one device to another. Let’s take a close look of this wonderful iPhone travel accessory.

Thino Compact iPhone Travel Charger

Thino – Fastest iPhone Charger With Built-in Battery

Compact Size

Thino iPhone Power Cable Dimensions

For quick movement in life, you need to be slim and alert. We have smartphones, which are slim and sexy, and to match the elegance of main devices, accessories have to be equally chic, fashionable, and functional. The team at Viglo shrunk the size of Thino and packed more power in the USB charger. The consumer insight was clear: nobody likes to carry a brick-sized power bank in pockets, and therefore, Thino has come up with a thinner and more compact option. This USB charger reminds you the shape and size of a chewing gum. Within the size of 87mm x 27mm x 12mm, Viglo has successfully packed a smartphone charger and a battery. The design is compact and slim; you can easily put this Thino in your pocket or smartphone case. The double-side USB enables you to quickly connect it with any device.

Quick Charge

Thino iPhone Power Cable With Power Bank

Appreciate the speed of Thino. Though you can’t expect Thino to charge up your smartphone up to 100%, with its 3x faster charge, Thino certainly saves you in times of emergency. This charger boasts a 480mAh battery. This clearly means that you won’t be in dire necessity of power supply while you are on the go. Just switch on the Turbo Mode and your device will be powered fast; your device will run at least for two hours with a single charge. Moreover, Thino helps you transfer data between any devices in Data Mode. You can check the charge level of built-in battery from the three LEDs.

Thino iPhone Charger Mechanism

Carry Thino Anywhere

Thino iPhone Travel Charger

Thino looks like one of your trinkets that you flaunt happily to people. You can carry this USB charger anywhere. You can tangle the cable of Thino with your car or bike key ring. The cable unlocks with powerful locking mechanism; the USB charger has lock and unlock switches on both sides that ensure that the cable never unlocks itself by accident.

If you think that magic just happens inside a closed auditorium, you should visit the workshop of Viglo, where innovation (read magic) is the life blood for entire team. Thino is the latest from the factory and we wish more such innovations take place there.

They are yet to launch their crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo sometime in mid February-2016. For further information you can visit their website,

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