Top 10 Thinnest iPhone XR Cases: The Slim Profile to Flaunt your iPhone

Aside from showcasing stylish design, these top 10 Ultra-thinnest iPhone XR cases also offer much-improved grip and keep scratches at bay. Willing to get a sleek cover for your XR? Have a glance at them!

Though protective suits are my natural choice, I like having a go at skinny cases occasionally. And whenever I put on a slim case, I want my iPhone to look eye-catching. The one quality that I want to see in my thin cover is the soft-textured finish to ensure there is less chance of slip-ups. Based on my preference, I’ve chosen some of the thinnest cases that are designed for iPhone XR.

So, if you have got the iPhone XR and want to present it a sleek profile, the below collection can be helpful in letting you handpick a befitting pair. From ultra-clear suits to the enviably slim covers, the lineup has got the needed variety so that your specific needs have the ideal match.

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10 Best Ultra-Slim iPhone XR Cases

#1. Spigen Air Skin

Spigen Thinnest iPhone XR Case

Just a look at this offering from Spigen is good enough to convince you that it’s banging on for your iPhone XR! The semi-transparent profile offers enough luxury to the iPhone to shine through in style.

The polycarbonate material endows it the needed strength to endure minor falls. You can also trust “Air Skin” to keep off scrapes.

Another notable feature is the urethane coating that ensures it doesn’t lose its charm so easily. That aside, you can choose Air Skin in a couple of colors: black and soft clear.

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USP: Urethane coating resists discoloration
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#2. TORRAS Love Series

TORRAS Ultra Thinnest iPhone XR Case

I’m a big fan of TORRAS Love Series cases. They look really hot and make an attractive pair with the iPhone XR.

To me, what makes these cases stand is the liquid silicone material that provides soft-textured grip. As a result, your large screen smartphone never feels uncomfortable in your palm.

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The buttons are very smooth so that you can press them with ease. The camera has an additional defense in the form of the elevated edge. That’s not all, Love Series cases are powered by lifetime warranty and come in five charming colors.

USP: Soft-textured grip
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#3. VRS Design

VRS Design iPhone XR Thinnest Case

What about choosing a clear case that makes a form-fitting pair with the iPhone XR? “VRS Design” is what you should try out to flaunt the device in style.

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The presence of waved texture enhances its design. The smooth surface also plays its part in offering better grip.

The support for wireless charging makes VRS Design slim case a fine contender for your choice. Talking about protection from abrasion, you should expect it to do a reasonably good job.

USP: Waved texture
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#4. anccer

anccer Slimmest iPhone XR Case

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The thing that has called for my attention in “anccer” is the thin (0.3mm) yet protective design. Equipped with rugged PC structure; the case can endure regular falls. Mind you; not many slim cases can do it with so precision.

Have a penchant for dark colors? anccer doesn’t disappoint you in this regard either. With nine fascinating color variants at your disposal, handpicking a better cover for the iPhone XR won’t be a big ask for you.

USP: Slightly protective design
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#5. totallee

totallee Ultra Slimmest iPhone XR Case

I think no roundup of the thinnest iPhone cases would be complete without totallee. It’s known for producing some of the finest sleek cases. And if you want a more refined slim cover, you should always keep this brand at your radar.

The highlight of this cover is the just 0.02-inches thickness that puts it right at the top of the ladder. The high-quality polypropylene material helps it keep off scratches.

And with the frosted finish, it can keep its elegance alive for long. Not to speak of the six color variants that make it easier for you to select the right for your device.

USP: Just 0.02-inches thickness
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#6. TOZO

TOZO Ultra Thin iPhone XR Case

A skin case as neatly designed as “TOZO” is worthy enough to walk into this lineup. Featuring just 0.35mm thickness, it claims to be one of the slimmest covers in the market. However, despite being on the thinner side, it can prevent scratches.

The matte face helps it keep dust and sweat at a fair distance. There is also the beveled edge to defend the camera against scrapes. With the cutouts being precise, you won’t have any problem in accessing the all the ports of your device.

USP: Scratch-resistant design
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#7. elago Inner Core Series

elago iPhone XR Thinnest Case

“elago” presents one of the most adorable sleek cases for iPhone XR. When I look at “Inner Core Series,” the soft-textured finish instantly comes to my attention.

The polypropylene material makes it extremely flexible. As a result, you won’t face any problem in installing and removing the cover (when needed).

The essential shield for the camera and the ability to resist scrapes make it better pick. And yes, Inner Core Series also plays friendly with wireless chargers.

USP: Fingerprint resistant
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#8. Incipio Feather

Incipio iPhone XR Ultra Slim Case

Times when you want your XR to be the center of everyone’s attention, you need a case like Incipio Feather. The transparent design works elegantly in allowing the iPhone to catch everyone’s attention.

The top-quality material with the matte finish makes a nice-looking suit. The outer shell is so soft that your palm will feel comfortable while holding the big screen device.

Regarding protection, the Feather shouldn’t disappoint you as it can thwart regular pitfalls. Three color options include: black, clear and rose gold.

USP: Snug-fit design
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#9. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Thinnest iPhone XR Case

What headline for “Spigen Ultra Hybrid” case is the ultra-clear profile. Should you think of providing full freedom to the device to reveal its look, it can be an excellent option.

The hybrid design (with PC and TPU) makes it quite sturdy and capable of withstanding impact. Both the screen and camera get the necessary defense never to get harmed by scratches.

The rubberized sides make sure the smartphone remains intact in the palm. Beyond protection, Ultra Hybrid is available in three colors: crystal clear, matte black and rose crystal.

USP: Crystal clear design
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#10. ESR Yippee

ESR iPhone XR Slimmest Case

Want to put on a slightly more impact-resistant cover? “ESR Yippee” sports a slim design but unlike most of its counterparts (mentioned in this lineup), it’s able to defend your smartphone from shock. And this is what makes it a touch better than others.

The liquid silicone material makes it look sophisticated, while the hard PC enables it to thwart bumps. Have got butterfingers? Don’t worry, its textured outer shell won’t let your smartphone jump out of your hands.

USP: Sophisticated design
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And that’s the wrap up of this roundup of the sleek cases for XR!

What’s your top bet?

Now that you have glanced through all the covers, share your thoughts about them. And yes, if you have found case a cut above than the rest, feel free to offer up your own review.

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