Everyone knows that Siri can do a lot of stuff for you. It’s one of the finest smart assistants (no, let’s not start the comparisons with Google Now, now). And credit where credit’s due: Apple’s Siri is probably the first truly successful commercial smart assistant.

One good thing about iOS 7 is that Siri’s prowess has been increased tremendously. Obviously, it’s hard to figure out all that Siri can do but PhoneBuff has uploaded a video that shows 50 things that Siri can do. Some of them are connected to a particular theme (for instance, NFL or movies), and it’s amazing how Siri learns to understand continuous questions just like in a human.

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As a sample, here are the things that we found really interesting:

#1. Make a reservation at a restaurant of your choice.

#2. Find out how many calories are there in a recipe.

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#3. Do a lot of calculations (percentage calculations for tip for instance.)

#4. What airplanes are flying over you?

#5. All about movies: rating, reviews, trailers, etc.

#6. All about NFL and NBA.

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#7. Read tweets from people just by asking Siri.

#8. Find appointments and reminders.

#9. Weather forecasts.

#10. Currency Conversions: just ask Siri to convert from one currency to another.

#11. Add reminders – and be quite specific too. Like, say the name of a particular list you’ve created and Siri will add reminders to it.

#12. Siri knows a lot about days. Holidays, etc.

#13. Post to Facebook or Twitter.

#14. All of the Settings: Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Volume.

#15. Find out if you’ve got new messages and have them read out loud.

#16. General knowledge questions.

#17. Play music from your library! And control the playback too.

#18. All about stocks.

#19. Set timers, alarms. Delete alarms or turn them off.

#20. Teach Siri to pronounce names.

#21. Email someone right from within Siri.

#22. Get Morse code!

#23. Get directions to a place.

#24. Check voicemail too.

#25. Go directly to the settings of a particular app by saying “Open <APP NAME> settings.” Something like “Open Twitter settings” will open Settings → Twitter.

There’s actually quite a lot more that Siri does. Check out the video to find them out. How many of these did you know already? And got any command that Siri understands and reacts to? Let us know in the comments!

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Siri is a default feature on iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s and iPad 2 and later running iOS6 and iOS 7.