Best Ultra Thin iPhone Cases for 5, 5s, and iPhone SE in 2023

Best iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Thin Cases

A bulky case or bumper for the iPhone 5 isn’t a good fit. I mean, the phone’s large now, and having even more bulk around it – for the sake of protecting it – doesn’t make it comfortably mobile.

That is precisely why these ultra-thin iPhone 5 cases are excellent. They are popular, they are often cost-effective (not cheap, though), and they are beneficial. Most of these cases are thin – under a centimeter thick – and come with some perfect spec.

The problem with thin iPhone 5 cases is that people often buy fragile cases but not strong ones. Cases can be thin, but the material decides how strong they are. After all, it’s not summer clothing for your iPhone. It’s a protective cover.

1. Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Thin Case

If you don’t mind putting on some muscle, Spigen Slim Armor would be a good-looking match for your smartphone. The case is made of extremely hard PC and soft TPU. With the dual-layered casing, it’s got a very strong structure that can effortlessly withstand bumps.

All the four corners have been fortified to absorb shock. There is also the beveled edge to prevent touchscreen from sliding when placed face down.

USP: Impact resistant design
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2. Anyos

Anyos Slim Case for iPhone 5, 5s, and 5

Sporting a pretty slim design, Anyos is designed to make an instant impression. The sleek profile is ideally complemented by the electroplate frame that makes it look really hot. It fits perfectly with the precise cutouts and responsive buttons allowing hassle-free access to all the function.

Ergonomic grip ensures the iPhone doesn’t slip out of your palm. If you have butterfingers, this is exactly what you should use to keep your smartphone secure. Even better, Anyos comes in six enchanting colors.

USP: Electroplate frame
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L-FADNUT iPhone SE, 5, and iPhone 5s Slim Thin Case

If you often find your iPhone slipping out of your palm, “FADNUT” would be a better asset for you. This case is made of pretty smooth TPU and wraps around the smartphone immaculately.

Due mainly to the carbon fiber texture, it offers enhanced gripping. Thus, your palm will have the needed cushion to hold the device comfortably. Furthermore, the raised bezel guards both the camera and screen against scratches.

USP: Carbon fiber texture
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4. Anccer

Anccer Ultra Thin iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Case

There are very few cases that look as adorable as this case from Anccer. Well, I say it because of the cover appears to be pleasing to the eyes. Sporting an incredibly sleek profile, the case makes a hot pair with the smartphone.

Check out the Apple logo cutout on the rear side that further enhances the style quotient. One notable feature of this case is the ability to keep fingerprints at bay. Therefore, you can expect this thin cover to retain its famed design a little longer.

USP: Sleek and snug-fit profile
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5. JETech

JETech Slim iPhone SE, 5s, and 5 Case

Agreed, JETech may not boast of a svelte profile, but it’s got the design to be a fine suit for your smartphone. What makes this case so impressive is the ergonomic design that offers enhanced grip. Oh yes, there is also built-in kickstand livens up your movie watching experience.

Two-layers of the structure has been bolstered by PC and TPU. Shock-absorbing design helps your smartphone survive accidental drops without much effort.

USP: Carbon fiber textures
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Poetic Thin Case for iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5

A slim case that’s stylish and cool-looking? That’s precisely what Poetic ILLUMINATE is all about. It’s made of durable thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate material.

Due mainly to the double layers of structure, it can easily withstand shock and also keep away scrape. The inclusion of raised lip offers an additional safeguard to the touchscreen. Besides, ILLUMINATE comes in two nice colors: black and silver.

USP: A Dual-layered casing
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7. CellEver

CellEver Ultra Thin iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Case

Don’t want to compromise with the protection of your iPhone SE in favor of style? CellEver should be a smart pick. What this case does is keep the slim profile of your smartphone intact while also absorbing impact.

CellEver has a dual-layered casing with the rugged PC and soft TPU helping it survive bumps. Apart from defending the smartphone against drops, the anti-skid outer shell also makes it a bit more convenient to hold the device. Lastly, the buttons are responsive, whereas the cutouts seem to be precise, allowing quick access to all the ports.

USP: Dual-layered casing for impact resistance
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8. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone SE Case

Spigen “Thin Fit” is an absolute class, which your iPhone would love to flaunt. It’s elegantly crafted and features a snap-on design that fits snuggly on the device. Another notable feature of this case is the ability to offer the desired shield from minor drops and scrape.

Durable PC material endows it the much-needed strength to last long. Thanks to the picture-perfect cutouts, you have painless access to all the functions of your smartphone. As for colors, you have only two options—black and crystal clear.

USP: Snug-fit design
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9. Obbii

Obbii Ultra Thin iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Case

Are you fond of marble pattern? If yes, this case from Obbii would be worth giving a chance.

The design is printed with 3D print technology and therefore it can retain the shine for long. It has a hybrid structure with a soft TPU interior and hard PC exterior.

The double layer of casing can be safely trusted to resist impact also fight out scuffs. Moreover, Obbii offers this case in five good-looking patterns like white marble, unicorn and more.

USP: Impressive marble pattern
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10. Anccer Colorful Series

Anccer Thin iPhone SE, 5, and iPhone 5s Case

Make your iPhone look stylish. Anccer Colorful Series cases are beautifully designed and make an elegant pair with the smartphone. The PC material also helps it resist impact and scuffs.

This form-fitting case has a beveled edge on the back to safeguard the camera against scratches. The cutouts look very precise, whereas the buttons are smooth and responsive. As for hue options, this slim case comes in black, grey and red colors.

USP: Elegant profile
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That’s all, for now!

Your pick?

So, which one of the above slim cases is going to pair with your iPhone 5? Is it the one that’s enviably sleek or the one that’s got some muscle to shield your device against common hazards? It would be cool to know its name.

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