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The World Traveler's Language Bundle

The time has come to be multi-lingual thanks to the ever-increasing globalisation. The language bundle has been created to make your travelling easy without having to face any difficulty while communicating with native speakers. Read more to find out about the language bundle.

Spanish Language

  • 4 Different levels (88): There are 4 different levels with as many as 88 lessons that will provide you a complete practical aspect of training.
  • 320 hours of studying: Throughout your study time (320 hours), you will enjoy the technique and easy explanation with simple examples.
  • 450 Multimedia activities: The multimedia activities will expose you to the real situations which will improve your learning very fast.
  • Interactive Pronunciation Training Module: There is special focus on improving your pronunciation. The interactive training will help you pronounce correctly with right accent.
  • Certificate of Completion: You are given a certificate as well once you successfully complete the course.

French Language

  • 66 Lessons: There are 66 lessons with special emphasis on helping you improve French easily.
  • 240 Hours of Study: All the significant aspects of learning has been given utmost importance. You will thoroughly enjoy your time throughout the study.
  • 450 Interactive Exercises: The interactive exercises will help you grasp the language fast. Your active involvement with the exercises will expedite your learning process.
  • Pronunciation Training Module: Pronunciation has been given top priority with a number of easy and helping examples.
  • Multimedia Learning Material: There is a variety of multimedia learning material which will let make your learning very convenient-much to your heart’s content.
  • Certificate of Completion: Once you successfully complete the course, you receive a certificate of completion.

Italian Language

  • 66 Lessons: You have as many as 66 very innovative lessons. The lessons have been designed to improve your language fast with some unique examples.
  • 240 Hours of Study: The 240 hours of study will make it pretty easy for you to understand the language with confidence.
  • 360 Interactive Activities: All the activities will give you real life situations of learning.
  • Multimedia Learning Material: Multimedia learning material is all about letting you express your learning with more confidence.
  • Interactive Pronunciation: You will learn how to pronounce in a better way correctly.
  • Certificate of completion: You receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course.

German Language

  • 66 Lessons: The lessons have been made to provide you a perfect training.
  • 240 Hours of Study: The 240 study hours cover every aspects of language.
  • 360 Interactive Activities: All the activities are practical and focused on interaction.
  • Multimedia Material: The multimedia material will make your learning pretty easy.
  • Pronunciation Training Module: The pronunciation training module will let you 6-pronounce any word correctly with right accent.
  • Certificate of Completion: Once you have successfully completed the course, you receive a certificate of completion.

English Language

  • 48 Grammar Focus Sections: You will be able to understand how you can speak or write correctly with these 48 grammar sections.
  • 48- Dialogues: The dialogues will make you learn how you can do conversation in a better way.
  • 42 Photo Sessions: The photo-sessions will let you interact with real situations.
  • Motivation: Game-like elements have been given in order to improve your motivation.
  • Preparation For International Communication:The course helps you prepare for international communication with some unique training and exposure.

Explore the world with this unique traveller's language training bundle. It is worth the money you would pay for it. If you have the desire to be multilingual, you should grab it right now as the deal may get close in just a few days.

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It is time you magnified your language skill. This is the perfect traveller’s language bundle for you.