When Apple brought more light on the features and expectations on its upcoming Apple watch at “Spring Forward” media event, fans had wished to know a lot more than what the Cupertino disclosed. For some unknown reasons best known to it, Apple didn’t reveal how it made Apple Watch Edition which starts at $10,000 and goes all the way to $17,000 unlike Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch models.

Making of Apple Watch EditionIf you are one of the fans who have been craving to find out what makes Apple Watch Edition models , which are made of 18K Gold, different from other two low priced watches, there is something to cheer about as Apple has revealed it in the video.

Apple Watch Edition will be available in eight attractive models. Its display will have sapphire crystal. The new video emphasises on why the Watch has been exclusively made to appeal to people who expect nothing less than best. Made with luxurious metal, the Watch sets itself apart from other ordinary watches.

Apple has plenty of all new features that have been making waves in tech world for quite some time. You can pay for your bill using Apple Watch thanks to Apple Pay, keep track of your health and fitness in a new way, send your heartbeat to your loved ones, attract attention of others smartly, dictate Siri to carry out a number of activities and more.

Apple watch can be pre-ordered from 10th of April and will ship from April 24. Apple Watch Sport is the cheapest model which will have a starting price of $350.