The Light Phone

While I was working as a creative communication consultant at a hospitality giant, I used a punch line “From Home to Home” to promote serviced apartments built by my client. During those days, maybe five years back, there was a phrase that was popular, though pretty much overused: Home away from Home. My client told me to use that worn-out phrase, and I rejected the idea on the same ground: this one is a platitude.

Now, while writing a post on the Light Phone, my mind traveled back and dug out this incident. But at this moment, as I am exploring this wonderful product, I don’t think that “Phone away from Phone” is a dull statement used to describe all benefits of the Light Phone. In fact, it sounds cool and direct as the product itself is so simple and useful in many ways for many users.

The Light Phone: Your Phone Away from Phone…

With gadgets galore, our attention is divided. We are with our family, but we are not. We are in a meeting, but we are not. We are at a party, but we are not.

The reason is simple: we are playing with our smartphone, or maybe a few lucky ones would have the pleasure of flaunting a smartwatch. Every now and then, a message, an alert or a notification drag us away from the conversation.

Constant beeping can be pestering even for a gizmo geek, who loves to be with smart devices. And perhaps for this very reason, Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang have come up with this Light Phone.


The Light Phone is an extension of your smartphone. It gives you freedom from all those unwanted messages & notifications from your contacts.

If you check the phone, it is built with minimum essentials like Speaker, Power Button, Volume Control, Dot Matrix LED, SIM Card Slot, Touch Module, Micro USB Port, and Microphone. With minimum but essential functions, the Light Phone is created to be used as little as possible.


Design of the Light Phone seems to have been derived from the credit card as it looks like a credit card in your wallet. And you can keep it like a credit card in your pocket or purse.

The matte white color looks sophisticated and elegant in curvy edges. It is quite comfortable to carry and you can hold it with a firm grip in your hand.

How it Works

Light Phone is not a new technology, rather it uses the existing technology to get rid of all those fringe benefits of your smartphone. This Light Phone has only the essentials; in other words, it is your feature phone.

The Light Phone Specs Overview

Once you have your Light Phone (At least a year from now guys. This is a project and it requires funds), all you need to do is to turn on Call Forwarding option in your iPhone.

The Light Phone app helps you forward the calls you want to receive from your primary phone number. You can leave your primary phone at home and go out anywhere with your Light Phone.

Enjoy calls without getting interrupted by unwanted messages and notifications. The Light Phone uses its own number, which makes it a good backup phone.

The Light Phone is a pre-paid GSM cell phone that works independently of your carrier. It comes preloaded with minutes, a SIM card, and an app to use with your existing phone.


ColorMatte White
Weight38.5 grams
StorageUp to 10 speed dials
DisplayDot-Matrix Display
BatteryUp to 20 days standby
SIM CardMini SIM Card
ConnectorMicro USB

850/900/1800/1900 MHz Unlocked


To sum up, I can say that with your normal smartphone, you want to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues but you end up disconnected as you are bogged down by pings galore. However, with this Light Phone, you are disconnected and yet connected by calls.

The Light Phone not only works with iPhone; it is also compatible with other brands of Android phones.

Price: $100
The project is under development now, and its expected to release publicly by June, 2016. You can visit their KickStarter page fro more information.