AppleInsider reports that a suspected iPhone 6 front-panel photo was leaked and posted to Sino Weibo. The white front panel definitely looks the part but its authenticity is completely questionable.

This is the beginning of a never-ending spate of leaks and rumors about the large-screen iPhone 6. So far, there have been enough rumors and analyses that point to a somewhat confirmed state of affairs about the large-screen smartphone from Apple.

iPhone 6 Front-panel Leak

A few days back, a couple of photos that were purportedly iPhone 6 panel molds were leaked. Analysts poured over the photo and debated its authenticity while the media went crazy in its reporting. Some people believed that it could not be iPhone 6’s molds despite the size and the meta attached to it.

4.7 Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel Photo Leak

Most recently, photoshopped its way into the mold and put an iPhone 4s on the side for comparison. The following photo shows the result.

Bigger iPhone 6 Rumors

But more impressively, the report on the website noted that the mold could also be – based on the estimated size – that of an iPhone 5s box. That should put a lot of dent in the iPhone 6 rumor authentication so not many are talking about it. As with every subsequent release, one has to take these things with a lot of caution.

Two sizes have been proposed for the iPhone 6: 4.7″ and 5.5″. With Apple it’s hard to say where the ship is steering but when it comes to size, two things stand out. The first is that Apple does change its position on sizes as noticed with iPhone 5 and iPad mini. It is not (yet) a company that fixes itself on earlier pronouncements about ideal smartphone or tablet screen sizes. The second is the recently-revealed documents/slides that clearly indicate Apple’s awareness of the screen-size problem. Apple knows that the market prefers larger screen sizes.

While the recent leak of the iPhone 6 panel might not necessarily be that of a real prototype or production unit, but it sure sends more positive signals about the large-screen debate.

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