Rivals Tesla & Apple May Fight Chinese XPeng Over Car Tech Theft

Tesla and Apple already embroiled in a lawsuit over their former employee in Driverless Car Autopilot program theft. Now, Tesla seeks Apple's Support to Pin Guangzhi Cao Who Joined and Left Chinese Startup - XPeng.

Could you imagine once traditional rivals in the U.S. driverless car tech leadership to join hands to nail their former engineer and one who worked with common rival Chinese company, to also set up a fight with it?

Ok, just read on this exciting story that’s just hot on the media.

First, Tesla saw its engineer (named Guangzhi Cao) move out to Apple, taking away with him codes, software files, and related communication about its famed Autopilot program.

Next, Apple hires him to ramp up its driverless initiative that has also acquired a driverless initiative venture recently – Drive.ai.

Tesla and Apple Involved in ex Employee Spat; May Plan Action Over Arch Chinese Rival – XPeng? 

This follows a lawsuit on Apple by Tesla accusing it of having privy to its software codes through the Cao. Now, Cao gets picked up by a Chinese startup XMotors.ai, the U.S. research arm of Guangzhou-based XPeng.

XPeng Motors on its website claims to possess design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales & marketing divisions in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhaoqing, Zhengzhou and Silicon Valley in the U.S.

Coming back to the original lawsuit story between the two leading U.S. driverless car tech pushing companies, according to prosecution, Tesla now wants Apple to access the involved engineer Cao’s emails and get forensic analysis conducted on his electronic devices.

Cao is stated to have downloaded Tesla’s Auto-pilot source codes but denied any wrongdoing through his act of downloading the same in his personal iCloud account which he later claimed to have erased it all!

While accused Apple engineer pleaded ‘not guilty’ as Tesla pursued the case against Apple in the U.S. Court, both sworn pro rivals now come out in the open and plan to pin down their common professional adversary – XPeng – the Chinese car giant suspected to have accessed their software through Cao’s acts.

XPeng has already denied having retained Cao on its rolls albeit for a brief period and had fired Cao way back in 2018 on hearing the U.S. Court authorities conduct investigations on his professional conduct.

While we keep a tab on this story as it gets exciting, do wait for more bytes on this.

So, this sounds interesting.

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