TechElec SP-X Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone

At first, I was laughing at the jocularity of the ordinary design that TechElec brings to this sweat proof Bluetooth headphones. There might be at least hundred Bluetooth headphones makers, who offer that hook to fix the device around ears firmly. So what if this pair of plugs has got sweatproof quality? There must be many such Bluetooth headsets available for sports and fitness enthusiasts. I nearly rejected the idea of writing a single line of this product, let alone a review.

But then there was that silver lining, though there is nothing sad about these Bluetooth headphones. While scrolling down the page, I found some hours Bluetooth headphones can stream music from your iPhone or any other iOS device. This gave me some inspiration to go ahead and write something on TechElec SP-X sweat proof Bluetooth headphones. What I found in aLLreLi was less number of hours music streamed on its wireless Bluetooth headset. A consumer always looks for this detail before s/he purchases any Bluetooth headphones –¬†they are interested in listening to music and having long conversations with people important in their lives.

So finally, I was convinced by TechElec product I have mentioned here. They have clearly indicated that these headphones are for sports and fitness fanatics. If your day starts with rigorous fitness regimen (which might include running, brisk walking, weight training, Yoga, etc.), these sweatproof headphones can intrigue you.

Headphones that keep your head cool

Techelec SP-X Bluetooth Earphone for iPhone

No, there isn’t any menthol-like ingredient used during the making of these headphones. I have experienced, and seen too, that joggers normally have to push the headphones into their ear frequently while they are jogging in the park. This is because of vibration the plugs feel as joggers keep shifting speed during their morning exercise. Thankfully, these headphones are ergonomically designed to give a comfortable fit. You can securely attach them to your ears with its soft silicone hooks. Why should you get interrupted by frequent drops of earphones?

How long can you listen to your favourite music?

Techelec Bluetooth iPhone Earphone

Normally, we are fed up with our favourite songs and music within two hours; after that, we tend to shift the genre or maybe stop listening to the music at all. The headphones, however, don’t get tired of playing music until seven long hours. Once you charge the Bluetooth headphones, they can stream music continuously for up to 7 hours and they give you a standby time of 140 hours. Tuneful music helps you forget exertion you might feel during workout sessions. Moreover, why should you break the session only to pick up somebody’s phone? Keep the connection and keep going on!

Superior Sound

Techelec Bluetooth iPhone Headphone

For gym lovers, the Bluetooth headphones are good companions. You know that you are not the only one working out at the gym; there are others too, who, unlike you, are talking to instructors or speaking with somebody on their phones. This certainly makes some noise, which you wish you could have avoided somehow. Well, this problem has been taken care of with advanced APTX technology that goes into the making of these Bluetooth headphones. Enjoy every song to the fullest; appreciate its CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology that keeps background noise at bay, while you are sleeping or travelling.

Keep your device away

One of the biggest turn-off to users for hands-free is that they have to carry their devices to listen to music. Why should anybody take that burden in their pockets or hands? Especially while doing exercise, they need comfort and not that bouncing slab in the pockets. TechElec SP-S Bluetooth headphones can detect your iOS devices from 15 meters away. This makes it possible for users to keep their devices away when they are at gym or Yoga sessions. For the best streaming experience, TechElec has installed Bluetooth v4.1 technology.

TechElec has introduced these revolutionary headphones for users, who live highly active and energetic lifestyle. The practical design of the headphones never creates any hindrance in your daily activities; rather, the design is seamlessly integrated to make your routine more comfortable than ever. The purpose of this pair of headphones is not to interrupt you while you are doing your exercise. Get rid of external noise and stay focused on your goal to stay fit.

Price: $59.99 [$39.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]

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Techelec SP-X Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

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Techelec SP-X Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone
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