Team Touch iPhone App Is the Best, Simplest Shared Contact Book Your Team Needs

Team Touch is a new iPhone app that targets the shared-contact-book problem. Managing contacts is not a common problem across the iPhone user base, but when you are talking about grouped contacts, teams and the likes, it can scale into a very big issue.

Team Touch, the iPhone app, wants to help you keep things simple and elegant. The app is a shared contact book for teams to be able to manage the contact information elegantly. And easily. Here’s why Team Touch is impressive.

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Team Touch iPhone App Is the Best, Simplest Shared Contact Book Your Team Needs

Most contact apps are bloated these days. The stock Phone app with its contact book feature is good enough, but it’s a no-frills feature with severe limitations when you want to manage contacts in groups. Segregating contacts or grouping them into relevant categories is a pain. And managing these is even worse. The only streak is the cloud sync which makes sure your contacts are safe.

Team Touch iPhone App Free Shared Contacts App for Team Contacts

Since communication becomes a key component in teams (both small and large), contact information is vital. Team Touch makes things enormously simple through its team-based contact book. Here’s what it does:

#1. Invite-based: you can add people to your team and invite them to the shared contact database. Your contact book is not just shared with the invited person, but all data is available for editing too.

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#2. The app lets you create contact groups/teams. You can create as many teams as you want, put as many contacts within the teams. All these are neatly segregated to ensure contact info is at your fingertips.

#3. The app keeps all contacts separated from your phonebook (stock contacts app). This is so that you don’t have to mess up with the hundreds of contacts you have.

#4. All changes are synced to all members of the team. When someone changes their info, it gets synced to all members of the team. No need to edit manually.

Branding: add your own logo to the team, so it’s much more personalized.

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When I first stumbled on the app, I was drawn to its simple interface and simplified information portfolio. It doesn’t clutter up space with needless data fields; it doesn’t make things sophisticated (a lot of apps are doing that). Instead, it chooses to keep things neat and quickly accessible.

The app is designed for teams from the corporate/startup world. But you can add a group of your friends and create your little team. It’s a potential app for productivity.

The best thing about Team Touch is that it comes with no limitations of features or data. And it’s free without any ads or IAPs which makes it a worthy download right away.

Team Touch Official Website

Download Team Touch

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