Till the 9th of this month, you can save up to $200 on a new iPad Air from Target (which already has a $20 discount) in a new trade-in program. The trade-in is applicable to any iPad that you own with a couple of conditions: your iPad should power up and it should not be damaged.

This trade-in is in-store only meaning you’ve got to take your old iPad to a nearby Target store. The offer reads “at least $200 for any iPad traded-in” which means the minimum savings you can obtain for a new iPad Air stands at $220 (including the $20 discount Target has applied for new iPad Airs 16GB).

The iPad Air 16GB is priced $499 at all Apple Stores. Retail shops like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target offer discounts to lure customers their way. This time around, Target has a $20 discount for the new iPad Air 16GB which brings the cost down to $479 – which is still a lot.

iPad Air at $279 At Target

If you have an older iPad which runs good and has no damage on the screen – not even visible scratches of any kind – Target is (technically) ready to pay as much as $200 in Target electronics card. This is money you can use to purchase stuff from Target.

Quite obviously, the offer is geared towards luring new customers. At a time when the demand for iPad Air isn’t met by the supply – we have reports of shipping dates slipping by fast – I think Target is trying to make the best possible use of the demand/supply thing. With a trade-in, users can easily shave off some dollars from the price tag of the iPad Air.

The rules are simple:

  • Find your local Target mobility store (click here)
  • Get to the store and get your old iPad appraised
  • You should get a Target Trade-in Gift Card with a minimum of $200 value.

If your iPad is pretty good and of a later model (4, 3 etc.), you should probably get much more than $200. Remember that the gift card is redeemable at any Target store for any device, not just the iPad Air.