This is the ultimate deathmatch: zombies versus zombies. Only number (and powerful weapons) can decide the fate of your team of zombies here. How fast you are with the tap and how smart you are with your weapon collections will decide if you’re a survivor/winner in Tap Deathmatch: Zombies for iPad.

The game, developed by Valentin, is all about reflexes: how fast can you tap to send more reinforcements (zombies) and how fast can you grab and use the new weapons that are sent occasionally. We got to know about the game just recently and it’s thoroughly an interesting find for us. Apparently, the game is quite popular! It’s been designed only for the iPad.

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Tap Deathmatch: Zombies is a rapid-action game. The core idea is to wipe out the opponent’s zombie team and enter their ‘zone’ to win. How many zombies you kill, how fast you are in doing that, and how smart you are in using the occasional weapons sent your way make the game challenging.

Tap Deathmatch Zombies iPad and iPhone Game

You can play the game against the iPad or against any of your friends (and others) from the Game Center. Interestingly, if you’re quite bored and just want to watch two teams slaughter each other, let two computers play against each other.

Tap Deathmatch Zombies - iPad Game Review

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The game provides useful and interesting weapons. You’ve got options to kill all zombies at once (called the blast, don’t count on this, more zombies are sent out), shield to protect your zombies for a while, blocker to prevent the opponent from sending more zombies for sometime, and a few more. The smasher is a cool weapon: you can tap on the zombies to kill them directly! It’s like you turn into a god sitting above and controlling things. Killing things, actually.

The real kill is in being able to think fast enough while you keep tapping fast enough. At first,we were tapping like hell but when we figured out that there are some cool weapons to use, things got really interesting. Still, it seems a hard thing to wipe out the enemy and enter their zone.

Tap Deathmatch: Zombies becomes interesting when you’re competing with real people around the globe. With the computer, it’s all too artificial but with some real opponent across the globe, things become different. Sometimes, you meet an opponent that’s far smarter and faster than you are: and you get to learn a few things!

Overall, the game’s amazing even for someone who’s not a zombie fan. Take me: I’m not but I enjoyed the game for its reflex-testing feature.

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Tap Deathmatch: Zombies is free on the App Store and works only on the iPad.

Video walk-through of  Tap Deathmatch: Zombies

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Download Tap Deathmatch: Zombies