Syncwire UNBREAKcable Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad: Ultra-strong Cable for Fast and Secure Charging

Syncwire's UNBREAKcable Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad is made to be 30% stronger than the original cable and provides consistent performance even under heavy usage.

Just like I prefer a protective case to keep my iPhone shielded from nasty bumps, I make sure to choose a secure and reliable Lightning cable to power up my device with the required safety. What separates a good cable from the ordinary ones are longevity and the ability to perform consistently when put to the extreme test.

Syncwire’s¬†UNBREAKcable Lightning cable has covered up all the grounds to stake its claim to being not just ultra-strong but also very efficient. So, what are the things that make it a real deal for your iOS device?

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Syncwire Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

UNBREAKcable Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

Whether it’s solid construction, premium copper wire or Al-Mylar foil shielding, the cable has got several qualities to be a trusted bet. But what headlines for it is the superior efficiency that enables it to remain live-and-kicking for long.

Strong Built-Up

Endowed with robust built-up,UNBREAKcable Lightning cable is claimed to be whopping 30% stronger than the original cables. Having given it a fair amount of spin, I do agree with this claim. The protective mesh and Al-Mylar shielding reinforce its structure.

Syncwire Lightning Cable Quality

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The use of special fiber and the high-quality copper wire has bolstered the construction. Besides, TPE jacket provides it the needed shield to endure regular wear and tear.


Courtesy of the resilient structure, the Lightning cable is anti-friction. It’s the prime reason why it remains in the top gear for long and doesn’t get frayed out when faced with the real-life test.

Syncwire Lightning Cable Built-Up

The smooth finish plays a significant role in not letting it get ripped out. To me, it’s a very handy feature as it not only keeps the cable fully functional but also wards off snagging. As a result, it continues to let you charge your device with the top speed.

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Laser-welded connectors

Another important feature of this iPhone cable is the laser-welded connectors, which are designed to be extremely stout. Hence, they continue to excel under heavy usage.

Syncwire iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

Connectors being so pivotal, it is needed to be strongly welded to remain at its best when put under pressure or used heavily. I have found them up to the mark as they stood up to the task with good result.

MFi, UL-FCC-CE certification

Having been certified by MFi, UL-FCC-CE (mandatory conformity for products made for the EU/US markets.), it’s fully compatible with your iOS devices. Therefore, it is equipped to charge your device with complete security. Besides, you won’t get the annoying error “Accessory Not Certified” while charging your iPhone, which generally crops up when using an uncertified cable.

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Syncwire Lifetime Warranty

The makers of UNBREAKcable, Syncwire offers lifetime warranty. That means if the cable breaks at all, ever – Syncwire will send you a new one free of charge, you don’t even have to send back the broken cable.


As for price (List price: $29.99, Amazon: $9.99), I think it’s quite reasonable considering the quality. If you are looking for a reliable and highly durable Lightning cable for your iPhone, you should give it a serious look.

Price: $29.99 ($9.99 on Amazon)
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The Verdict

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UNBREAKcable Lightning cable has ticked off all the important boxes during my test. There are a couple of things like robust construction and anti-fraying quality that have stood out. Prepared with top-grade material, it’s fully secure and equipped to let you sync and charge your device at rapid speed.

Let me know what you think of this iOS device cable in the comments below. (You might want to have a glance at best Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad.)

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