Switch to Other Maps App (iOS 8) When Searching for Directions in Apple Maps [How-to]

There’s a lot of recent history on Apple Maps. From the way it flopped when it debuted to the way it has become a popular maps app thanks to the dozens of acquisitions in this space, Apple’s Maps app has come a long way.

In iOS 8, it takes one more step forward. Unlike what’s typical of Apple, in iOS 8, you can actually pick some other Maps app (for instance, Google Maps) when you search for an address/location (directions) in Apple Maps.

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Switch to Other Maps App (iOS 8) When Searching for Directions in Apple Maps [How-to]

You read that right. If you search for directions to a place in Apple Maps, you also have the option of shifting to another Maps app to search for directions – right from within Apple Maps.

This feature is exclusive to iOS 8.

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Basically, Apple tries to keep its users within its ecosystem – Calendars, Mail, Safari, Maps, iCloud etc.

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The fact that you don’t get to pick default apps for things like links, location data, picture links, and videos is proof enough.

But Apple seems to be mending its ways here. At least, to a certain extent.

When you search for a location in Apple Maps, it shows the result. But it doesn’t stop there.

Right on top of the location You can pick Driving directions or Walking directions. And the third option, Apps, lets you pick some other app to search for the same location/direction.

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If you have Google Maps installed, you can tap and shift to it almost instantly.

Switch to Other Maps Apps When Searching for Directions in Apple Maps iOS 8 How to

When the switch happens, you don’t have to type the location again. The location you searched for is passed on to the app so Google Maps (in our example) will show you a list of possible routes to pick from.

The “Apps” option also features other app suggestions from the App Store. Tapping them takes you to the App Store listing (if you don’t have the app installed already).

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