The bezel-free OLED display of iPhone X is primed to rev up media viewing. And I truly appreciate it. But with the arrival of edge-to-edge display; Home button, which had been a shining star for a decade, has been completely eliminated. With this button removed, the method of quite a few functionalities has changed for the better. Case in point: the process of switching apps on iPhone X has also been slightly tweaked.

So, how do you use app switcher on iPhone X? Thanks to the swipe gesture, multitasking continues to be a smooth-sailing affair on the new smartphone. Find out how it works!

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How to Swtich Apps on iPhone X

How to Use App Switcher on iPhone X

  • To access the multitasking interface, all you have to do is just press the screen at the bottom and swipe up gently. Then, you need to pause in the middle of the screen.
  • Now, a card will show up from the left side of the screen; confirming you have entered the app switcher mode.

How to Switch Between Apps on iPhone X

Step #1. Simply press the screen at the bottom and then swipe up. Then, you need to pause in the middle of the screen (while still touching the screen)

Step #2. Next, a card will come up from the left side of the screen. That’s app switcher mode.

Step #3. Now, just swipe left or right to scroll between the opened apps (just the way you used to switch between apps on your old iPhone.)

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  • Swipe to the left or right along the bottom of the screen in order to cycle through all the opened apps.
  • Whereas a left-to-right swipe lets you access previous app, the right-to-left swipe brings up the app you were using.

Your take?

What’s your thought about this new way of switching between applications on iPhone? Have you found it comfortable or complicated? Share your views in the comments below.

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