The developer behind iOS 6’s finest app launcher tweak, Atom, has released Swipey for the iPhone. And it’s a pretty good, simple app launcher for iOS 7.

Swipey lets you launch five apps from the lockscreen. What I like best about it is that it’s so downright simple that all you do – as the name suggests – is swipe. You can configure what apps are launched on which pages of the swipe.

App Launcher for iOS 7 Comes Up Swipey Cydia Tweak

Here’s a video showing how Swipey Cydia Tweak works:

As you can see, Swipey is triggered when you swipe to the right (opposite to swiping to unlock) and stay on a particular page. There are five pages to swipe to. Swipey will launch the app configured for a particular page. Of course, you see the icon of the app that will launch from the page.

Swipey is actually pretty basic and simple. Much like Atom, there aren’t very many configurations to tweak. In fact, Swipey is simpler than Atom in many ways.

For starters, Swipey completely merges with the iOS 7 ecosystem. In terms of design, it just fits completely. Swipey’s way of accessing the quick launch is cool too. Instead of having multiple gestures like swipe, tap or double-taps, you just swipe across to get to the app you want to open.

Swipey does limit things to a certain extent. It’s not a full-fledged tweak – it’s more of a starter. May be the developer will add more features to Swipey in future updates. You can configure Swipey’s five pages to link with five apps of your choice from the Settings app.

Swipey is available on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

Swipey is compatible with all devices running iOS 7. This includes the A7-devices like iPhone 5s although you might hit a snag occasionally. Try rebooting if that happens.