This is an age when everything is turning digital. Most companies employ high-end visitor loggers and staff attendance monitors with expensive security scanners etc. The truth is, while most companies don’t require a high-end security clearance system for letting in their staff and visitors, it is highly important to have an attendance system in place.

If you are a startup, or a small business that requires just a pretty good system to log these things intuitively and generate data real-time (and usefully), you might probably like the idea of SwipedOn.

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SwipedOn is an iPad-only app that acts like a kiosk. Your  staff and your visitors can log into this ‘kiosk’ to enter their details. And it’s so intuitive and easy that your employees will take a liking to it.

Swipedon iPad App

But why SwipedOn?

As far as I’ve known, SwipedOn appears to be one-of-its-kind on the App Store. A cursory search for similar software didn’t turn up anything specifically designed for the iPad and at a time when things are becoming more iPad-centric, it looks like one of the best solutions.

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Secondly, it is exhaustively featured. It does not stop with tracking and logging but it also lets you in on a plethora of information. You can set statuses for employees who’ve gone out, have security features enabled, get detailed-reporting emailed to you, and a few other special extras that make the app truly customizable.

Flexible, Easy to Adopt

For new businesses, adopting a new tech or an idea is hard especially if you’re dealing with a lot of people. And especially if the new tech is going to be used by a lot of people. SwipedOn, by our standards, looks very flexible and easy to be adopted into the mainstream functions of your work.

Interestingly, SwipedOn is free for five users and unlimited visitors. This means you can test it out exhaustively with a limited set of people without spending a dime. After that, the pricing appears quite minimal. Starts at $2.99/mo for 15 users and ends at $7.99/mo for unlimited users.

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If you’re looking to get rid of books and bookkeeping for user/visitor logs, you’ve got a digital solution/alternative right here.

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Download SwipedOn iPad App