If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, there’s no stopping you from getting some of the hottest superhero themes and mods on it. From the legendary Superman to the trending-right-now Iron Man, there are tons of superhero mods for the iPhone.

You can change the lockscreen, the dialer, the whole icon set or even just a few apps (like Messaging).

Obviously, not every theme has been built to be rock solid. We tested a few of them but only a handful worked well, and looked interesting.

Here’s a list of the popular superhero themes/lockscreen mods (Cydia Tweaks) for the iPhone:

Superhero Themes Lockscreens Cydia Tweaks and  Mods for Your iPhone

Batman Arkham Dialer

Batman Arkham Dialer for iPhone

The Batman Arkham Dialer is a simple but obviously terrific dialer theme for the iPhone. The theme has been designed for any iPhone 4/4S device and although we’ve not tested it on the iPhone 5, it looks like it might just work. It’s a theme that just changes the Phone dialer with some amazing comic-like depiction of the Batman.

Superman Lockscreen

Superman Lockscreen iPhone  Theme

For the fans of Man of Steel this summer, here’s a cool lockscreen theme. The Superman Lockscreen theme isn’t all that interesting but it just works well. You might want to use a few tweaks like LockScreenClockHide to hide the clock (and other tweaks to hide the default slider). The Superman Lockscreen tweak also puts a superman logo for the slider.

Avengers GIF iP5 LS

Avengers GIF iP5 LS Theme for iPhone

I don’t much like the backgrounds used in this theme but the fonts (typography) is kick-ass. If you’re a fan of the Avengers, you might want to check this theme out right away. It’s compatible with iPhone 5 and works pretty good – although it does have a little impact on the battery owing to the animated content.

Iron Man 3 SMS

Iron Man 3 SMS Theme for iPhone

If you like the Iron Man staring right at you as you send that text message to your friend in a slighly-Iron Man-ish interface, this theme will do that for you. The Iron Man 3 SMS theme is specifically for the Messages app. Works good on most iPhones including 5.

Spiderman Dialer

Spiderman Dialer Theme for iPhone

Like the Iron Man dialer, here’s a Spiderman dialer. It’s not the usual red-hued Spiderman logo though. It’s the darker, grayer version that featured in the third installment of the franchise. The dialer is light-weight and works pretty good as far as our tests go.

Iron Man 3 Movie Theme

Iron Man 3 Movie Theme for iPhone

If you’re going to settle for just an SMS theme that changes the Message app interface, here’s the full Iron Man 3 movie theme. The LS is changed and you’ll now slide a nuclear core reactor to unlock your iPhone. While most of the other things remain same, there are very subtle changes that might skip your eyes. Nevertheless, a cool theme.

Spiderman LS

Spiderman LS Theme for iPhone

The Spiderman LS theme is a visual delight. It doesn’t change much but it sure adds some zing to your iPhone by changing the lockscreen wallpaper and the slider. Use this just for kicks when you want to change the slider.