The newest version of Safari packed in OS X Yosemite has an RSS subscription feature built directly into the web browser. It has made both RSS subscription and reading feeds more convenient than ever.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) lets you collect all the contents, information or article you want to read conveniently without having to go to a particular website. Everything you want to read is directly stored in your RSS reader within 30 minutes of being published.

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Moreover, RSS feeds are synchronized across all Apple devices (from iOS to OS X). Therefore, you can read all the feeds from anywhere you wish. That’s how efficient it is for you. Let’s dive ahead with the process!

How to Subscribe to RSS Feed in Mac Safari

Here is how to subscribe RSS feeds on Mac OS X Yosemite:

Step 1: Launch Safari

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Step 2: Navigate to the webpage which you want to subscribe to your reading list. (make sure that the webpage has an RSS feed available)

Step 3: Click on the sidebar button in order to expand bookmarks and subscription bar

Step 4: Click the @ at symbol tab

Step 5: Click on Subscription (at the bottom)

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Subscribe to RSS Feed in Safari on Mac OS X Yosemite
Step 6
: Choose Add Feed

Step 7: “Subscribe to” pop-up will appear, click on Add Feed

You are done! Depending on your need, you can repeat the same (above mentioned) steps on any websites that offer RSS feeds in order to subscribe their contents.

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How To Access and Read RSS Feeds In Safari

Step 1: Launch Safari

Step 2: Click on @ tab

Step 3: Click on any feed items you want to read

That’s done! Vienna and NetNewsWire are known as top third party RSS readers in OS X. You can use them if you have to subscribe or manage a lot of RSS feeds.

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Mobile Safari has a similar feature too where you can add RSS feeds directly to the Shared Links section. It works pretty much the same way as OS X Safari. In fact, even the method of adding a subscription is similar.