It’s so realistic that you’d probably mistake it for real chocolate cake, or sushi, or unagi or a sunny side up.

Strapya World’s iMeshi series of iPhone 5 cases aren’t the usual lot. I know nothing about how durable they are but they seem to have captured the attention quite boldly. Each one of their iMeshi series is so realistic with attention to detail that you’d probably have a mouth-watering moment just looking at them.

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Deliciously Real

What strikes me as the most crucial thing about these cases is that each of the case is so unbelievably real. These are not random cases thought up just like that by some company in China. In fact, the case comes from Japan and Strapya World has a track record of one other interesting case for the iPhone 5 which we posted about earlier.

iMeshi iPhone Cases

In the case of the iMeshi series for iPhone 5, the cases aren’t thin or light or extremely durable. They’re ornamental and just that. But they’re deliberately and painstakingly ornamental to a point where it fuses into reality. Just looking at that chocolate case makes my tummy crave for some of it. Only, the case is in plastic and I can’t have any of it.

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A Steep Price

People usually shell out a good deal of money on cases that are durable, provide a very strong reason to do that kind of an expenditure. For most part, consumers only spend $10-$20 on cases (many spend far lesser). So a $42.60 price tag does seem a little on the off-side but it’s a worthy price to pay for the richness and accuracy in detailing. The rice case, which Strapya itself uses as an example, is really a proof of the level of attention going into the design.

Japanese Delicacies

And oh you’re not limited to just the chocolate or the rice or the sushi. Here’s a list of iMeshi cases:

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  • Open House Mackerel
  • Sea Urchins and Salmon Roe
  • Toro & Shrimp
  • Unagi
  • Nikujaga
  • Hinomaru Bento
  • Sunny Side Up with Bacon
  • Tonkatsu
  • Yakisoba

A Fancy Purpose

Like I said, it’s an ornamental case. Yes, it will be fantastic but yes, it will also be a little bulky. And yes again, you’ve got to keep the iPhone face down to enjoy the view. Not that it matters; the case does a good job of protecting the iPhone.

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