How to Stop iTunes from Opening When iPhone is Connected to Mac/Windows PC

If you are fed up with auto syncing of iTunes during the connection of your iOS devices with Mac or Windows computer, check out the two methods to disable automatic iTunes launch when iPhone is plugged in.

Pop-ups are the major turnoff for anybody who is using computers, smartphones or tablets. The moment you visit any website and if a pop-up springs up from a corner, you lose your temper and patience to be on the site. This is the reason why many content mills fail to attract visitors even though they rank higher on search engines.

Similarly, many Mac users hate to see that iTunes screen immediately after they connect their iPhones or iPads with Mac or Windows computer. It irritates users because they might have connected their iOS devices just to charge them up, and not to sync them.

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How to Stop iTunes from Opening When iPhone is Plugged Into PC or Mac

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. On your Mac or Windows PC, you can stop iTunes from automatically opening when you connect iPhone or iPad.

How to Stop iTunes from Automatically Opening While iPhone/iPad is Connected to PC or Mac

Step #1. First off, connect your iPhone/iPad with Mac/Windows PC.

Step #2. As expected, the device will be synced and iTunes will appear.

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Step #3. On iTunes, click on your iPhone icon.

Step #4. Next, click on Summary button from the left navigation panel.

Step #5. On the right side, you can see Options, below which you can see some check boxes.

The first option is: Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.

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Step #6. Click on the check box and uncheck the same.

Disable Automatic iTunes Launch when iPhone is Plugged Into PC or Mac

This action will ensure that iTunes will not open automatically when you connect your iOS devices with Mac or Windows computer.

There is one more method to stop iTunes from opening automatically when you connect iPhone or iPad.

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First two steps are similar as mentioned in the method above.

Step #3. Click on iTunes option from the upper menu.

Step #4. From a drop-down menu, click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in iTunes on Mac or PC

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A dialog box will open.

Step #5. Click on Device.

Step #6. Now click on the check box and uncheck the same.

Click on Devices and Uncheck The Box To Stop iTunes from Opening

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This will give you the same result as you have achieved with the first method. You are now relieved from the irritating experience of opening of iTunes automatically.

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